Rebel Rewards: The Basics


Rebel Rewards: The Basics

***(Please Read Basic Rules Below)***

Introducing the New Rebel Rewards Loyalty Program!  Get your favorite items and rewarded at the same time!  Earn points every time you make a purchase in addition to other earning opportunities. No Credit Card signup required. Registration is super easy: all you need is a valid email address for a username. Get bonus points for spending more and don’t miss out on special offers throughout the year! Redeem your points for a coupon and save money! (Stay tuned for random days where Rebel Nation may offer a little boost!) Register now before our Labor Day offer in order to get your hands on exclusive offers and/or bonus points.



  1. You must have an account with Rebel Nation to earn (Register here).
  2. Taxes, Shipping and Discount amounts are not eligible for Rebel Rewards.
  3. Points earned from purchases take 1 day (24 HOURS) to be available on your account.
  4. Points will automatically expire after 90 days (3 months) of inactivity. Redeem or earn more to reset you expiration timer.
  5. You must have a minimum of 500 points to redeem for a coupon.
  6. Conversion Rate: 500 points = $2.50.
  7. Maximum points user can earn = 10,000 points.
  8. Coupons automatically expire after 90 days.

How can I earn points?

Instructions on how to Register as a User, View your Balance/History and Redeem Points on the Rebel Nation site.

(For visual instructions of rebel rewards: the basics, view the images below).


How to Register an account with Rebel Nation (You must be a registered user to earn points in the Rebel Rewards Program):

  1. First, click Login on the top right of the Rebel Nation website.
  2. Enter a valid email address and set your password.
  3. Click Register.

(Click here to Login or Register)

How to View your Points Balance and History (You must be logged into your account to be able to view points balance and history):

  1. First, click My Points on the right side of My Account.
  2. The first page you will see in My Points is your Points Balance (this shows you your points as well as their worth in real currency).
  3. Click the Points History tab to view your points earned and deducted from your balance. 

(Click here to Login)

How to Redeem your Points (You must be logged into your account to be able to redeem points)*:

  1. Click My Points on the right side of My Account.
  2. Next, click Redeem Points.
  3. Enter the amount you wish and click Redeem Points for a Coupon.
  4. Click the View Redeemed Coupons next to the Redeem button clicked in step 3 (or go to the Points Balance tab under My Points).
  5. Lastly, click Apply Coupon and the coupon will apply (Your coupon will apply to your cart and be listed under Cart Total. For example: “Coupon: 1a2b3c”).

*You must have a minimum of 500 points to redeem.

(Click here to Login)


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