Rebel Cowboy Hat

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Get your Rebel On with our Rebel Flag Cowboy Hats are made of 100% natural woven mesh and have an elastic band inside so they’ll fit just about anyone. You will be the life of the Rebel Party anywhere you go in this hat!  



44 reviews for Rebel Cowboy Hat

  1. RICHARD DEIMLER (verified owner)

    Awesome hat fast shipping great folks to deal with… ty

  2. mike harradon

    Great colors, great material. Nice craftsmanship. Would highly recommend.

  3. Gina Lovera (verified owner)

    Always wanted this hat n u guys had it for a great price…love it…fits perfect…’s me…

    Thank you….

  4. Russell Hillman (verified owner)

    Came fast, a little big but looks great and really shows my Rebel Pride!!!!

  5. Katrina (verified owner)

    Hat fits perfect with stretch band. Colors are true. I have only worn it twice so far and have had multie compliments and several fiends want me to purchase for them. Love,Love, love. Came within 10 days. Great value

  6. Jerry Smith (verified owner)

    The hat is way too big. Whoever is making them should try to make them fit a normal persons head. I haven’t found anyone yet that it would fit. IT’S WAY TOO FRIGGIN BIG!

  7. Truckerdale (verified owner)

    Like the Hat made well but as other reviewer said it’s a little big for them as it was for me
    I can make it work so won’t return it. Fast service shipping great!!!!

  8. David Hayse (verified owner)

    Looks great just to big for my head

  9. Michaela Price (verified owner)

    Love the hat I bought it as a present to my boyfriend and he loves it though it is a tad big for his head. He still wears it every day anyways.

  10. kevin fleming (verified owner)


  11. Davidjoe Livingstone (verified owner)

    Awesome Love My Rebel Hat! Wear it everyday when I am sitting out on my property for everyone to see driving on my busy street whilst I am drinking coffee or tea! If Lee had issued these hats for the Army of Northern Virginia the South would have won the Civil War! These hats would have caught on like wildfire and every citizen of the South would have been wearing one! Never believe what is taught in school history books. The Civil War was fought over money not slavery. The South was paying the lionshare of the tariffs that funded the Federal Government at the time on the order of about 80% over the North! Every single country in the Americas overcame slavery without ever going to war except the USA!
    Therefore, slavery was a lie that Lincoln used to bolster his approval for the war by the northern populace! Northern Virginia had been chosen by the Masons as the birthplace of the New Atlantis, the founding of a new continent where people could live free, without tyrannical treatment by any government or monarchy! Columbus was jewish and a mason and had ancient maps that showed the location of the americas before he sailed! By spiritual Godly right the South should have won the Civil War! Not the North! Never surrender! Never say die! Always follow the Truth of a thing. That will be your only Savior! Live you life to the fullest to the very end!

  12. Davidjoe Livingstone (verified owner)

    Do you realize that the Southern Accent is voted as the most popular accent in the USA today? Do you realize that by Godly right the South should have won the Civil War not the North? Money, not slavery, was the cause of the Civil War. The Southern States were paying the lionshare of tariffs to the order of 80% over the Northern States that funded the Federal Government in 1860! Do not believe what has been taught in public school history books! Every single country in the the American Hemisphere, both North and South, overcame slavery without ever going to war, except the United States!!! So do not buy into that notion that the Civll War was fought over slavery! Lincoln only used slavery as his ace in the hole, a lie if you will, to try to “desperately” impress his northern populace the need to conquer the Southern States! Always follow the Truth of a Thing. That will ever be your only Savior!

  13. Davidjoe Livingstone

    These wonderful rebel hats should be wearing on every head in the USA today because by Godly right and virtue, the South should have won the Civil War. Even Robert E Lee did not have the strength to overcome in battle with his hardened Northern Virginia and Southern armies to overcome the might of the North. The then President of the Northern States and its Federal Government at the time in 1861, one Abraham Lincoln who was bi-sexual I might add and its a known fact that he had more than one personal male friend share his bed with him over his lifetime, which the bible teaches us that is wrong, whereby this man was also a big government pro activist verses the Constitutional Law of the Power of States Rights. Thus it was Lincoln’s sinful nature and the sinful nature of the Northern States and their big Federal Government to “ruse” a power play over the Southern States to force them to pay the burden of the cost of the Federal Government by laying some 80% of the tariff duty on the Southern states over the Northern states. Slavery had no part in the original cause of the Civil War but slavery was used as a ruse by LIncoln to create an emotional stir from the Northern populace to force their support on a very unpopular and poor decision by this man to go to war against the Southern States which resulted in more death and killing than all other wars combined that this country would battle. All told over 1 million american lives were lost because of this man and his actions! Do you realize that every other single country in the American hemisphere, that includes both the North American Continent and South American Continent overcame slavery without every going to war over it? Never accept anyone telling you that slavery was the reason for the cause of the Civil War and never ever let anyone tear down your monuments and flags dedicated to the preservation of the South and the Southern States! It is an abomination to God and His Son Jesus Christ!

  14. Greg Elpers (verified owner)


  15. Vic Spear (verified owner)

    These hats (2) I purchased must be made for children. I tried both on, but they were way too small for an adult size head.

  16. Cindi Ryan (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and love the style!

  17. Pam R. (verified owner)

    I ordered this for my husband for Christmas and he was over the moon happy with it! Very sturdy hat with rich deep colors. Highly reccomend!

  18. Mark IANNELLO (verified owner)

    Always wanted one fits great.

  19. Ronald Blatny (verified owner)

    I love this hat. I’ve got a smaller head size than most (6 5/8) and it fits just like I want it to. It will fit larger sizes also.

  20. Cindy P. (verified owner)

    I love this hat!!!!! awesome group of service people!!! when i ordered my hat last month i received it in a crushed box which crushed the hat, i contacted them and they sent me a replacement hat with no problem and included a return label to send back the crushed hat. i will be ordering more stuff. i will also be recommending Rebel Nation to my friends.
    thank you rebel nation crew for fixing my problem in a quick and polite manner.

  21. Karin Ervik (verified owner)

    Perfect 👍

  22. Hugh Barbee (verified owner)

    Hat fits everyone well, and when the Rednecks at the river party saw it they all wanted their picture taken while wearing it. A lot of fun was had by all and my hat came back good as new.

  23. Phil Leslie (verified owner)

    I was looking for a Confederate cowboy had for an event I was attending & found the product at Rebel Nation. My biggest concern was whether it would fit comfortably & not be too tight around my head. Other hats had sold for well over $25 but the price for this one was right & the design & colors were bold & distinctive. The hat arrived in a very timely manner & it fit perfectly. The hat is somewhat flexible to mold into the style that fit me & I was able to wear it for extended hours in comfort. Not only that, I had 4 different people come up to me & make an offer for it! Sorry…but this hat is not for sale anymore.

  24. Derek Norris (verified owner)

    Cant say anything bad about it , worth the money and does its job, looks great, I’d buy another when the time comes

  25. Zombie (verified owner)

    Inside tag, says made of 100% Paper, not straw or hemp, but PAPER. It’s made in China, and is not washable, so it’s basically a decoration, it is not practible if you was to wear it daily and need to clean it. Don’t waste your money, no wonder is it on clearance.

  26. hal ashburn (verified owner)

    Love it. Use it working outside. Keeps sun off and much cooler than a ball cap.

  27. Jack (verified owner)

    Love these!!! Have gotten several for friends and fam. Great value!!!

  28. Mike Hayes (verified owner)

    Absolutely live it amazing quality

  29. JJ (verified owner)

    Amazing hat great detail. Might not fit perfect for everyone but for me it fits great! Love wearing it and I would buy it or recommend it as a gift.

  30. Brad (verified owner)

    Great looking fits well.

  31. Dean P. (verified owner)

    Great hat for whatever your doing. Not expensive so wear it while your out and about, working, playing or cruising around.

  32. Jonathan Morrison (verified owner)

    Great the colors and the fir

  33. Frederick-Harrelson Sandra

    I would have live to give a good review but… I have never received any of the 6+ items. No one will answer the phone or email. Package says pending in same spot for 3 weeks. That means label made but no items received. I am having to go to PayPal to get my money back. Run! Far away!

  34. Outlaw


  35. steve (verified owner)

    Not sure if my previous review was published or if this replaces it, but contrary to what I said the hat fits just fine. Dimensions are the exact same as my American flag cowboy hat, and it had just gotten banged all out of shape by USPS’ careless shipping. Has a bit of a smell out of the box, though.

  36. Andrew brock (verified owner)

    didnt get it

  37. Robert Daggett (verified owner)

  38. Nicole Landis (verified owner)

  39. Gina laird (verified owner)

    Never received. Very dissatisfied.

  40. Colleen ward (verified owner)

    Cannot get thru on their phone to see what the hold up is. They will not respond to my email either.

  41. Kaden O. (verified owner)

    Never received

  42. Cody Alsbrook (verified owner)

    Haven’t received package yet

  43. Coty Young (verified owner)

    Order a hat over three weeks ago and paid priority shipping. I still have not received my hat and the shipping tracking number says status unavailable. Tried calling rebel nation and the number goes straight to voicemail. Don’t suggest ordering from them.

  44. Leroy Kalb (verified owner)

    I still haven’t even received my hat yet it has been 2 weeks and still dosent even show it has shipped

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