If Confederate Flags are Outlawed Sticker

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 If confederate flags are outlawed will only outlaws have confederate flags sticker.

Approx: 5.75”x3”

7 reviews for If Confederate Flags are Outlawed Sticker

  1. Katrina Padgett (verified owner)

  2. Denver Mullins (verified owner)

  3. Jamie (verified owner)

    No product

  4. Nikki Watkins

    Love it and have had allot of compliments

  5. Jordan Morse

    Ok, now this one is my favorite purchase so far. It’s a nice, small, but perfectly sized flask IN a carrier that attaches to your belt, meaning you can pull the mini flask out of its polished steel holster and take a swing about any time you want. When I say polished, I mean all the parts of the flask and holster visible when its tucked in its holster are damn near mirror polished.The pictures here don’t do it justice. It’s a beauty. Even the rebel flag on there has a really nice shiny luster to it and its sure to catch peoples eye. The flask is a two ounce flask, which roughly equates to 1.5 or 2 shots, depending on how you choose to measure your shots. Not enough to get you drunk by any means, because then it wouldn’t fit on a belt and it wouldn’t look anywhere this good.. but it IS enough to take the edge off at any given point in time. You can even carry the flask off its holster to work for a quick liquid lunch or to go with your smokes on break. If you’re looking to carry enough hooch to really get the job done I recommend pairing this up with the other stainless steel flask on this site for nights out on the town, to cut down on the bar tabs. With this and one of the other flasks that comes up to 6 or 8 shots, depending on how you measure them… and buddy, thats enough to give an elephant a buzz if you drink it fast enough. 😉 At its current sale price of $9.99 you’d be plumb crazy not to pick it up. LOVE this damn belt buckle. LOVE IT.

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