Confederate Flag History Bundle


  • 1st National Confederate Flag

  • 2nd National Confederate Flag

  • 3rd National Confederate Flag

  • Bonnie Blue Flag

  • Confederate Battle Flag

    3 x 5 poly


Introducing the Rebel Nations Confederate Flag History Bundle! Dive into the rich heritage and historical significance of the Confederate flag with our meticulously curated collection. This bundle includes five iconic flags, each measuring 3 x 5 feet:

  1. First National Confederate Flag: Step back in time with the flag that symbolized the birth of the Confederacy. This flag, also known as the “Stars and Bars,” represents the early days of the Confederate States of America.
  2. Second National Confederate Flag: Immerse yourself in the evolution of the Confederacy with this flag, also known as the “Stainless Banner.” It features the iconic Southern Cross, a powerful emblem of Southern pride.
  3. Third National Confederate Flag: Witness the final design adopted by the Confederate government. This flag, known as the “Blood-Stained Banner,” showcases the Confederate battle flag in the top-left corner on a white background.
  4. Bonnie Blue Flag: Experience the nostalgia of the Bonnie Blue Flag, a symbol of secession and independence. This iconic flag represents the states that seceded from the Union and formed the Confederacy.
  5. Confederate Flag: Embrace the most recognized symbol of the Confederacy. This flag, often referred to as the “Rebel Flag” or “Southern Cross,” embodies the spirit of Southern heritage and regional identity.

With the Rebel Nations Confederate Flag History Bundle, you’ll have a comprehensive collection that highlights the evolution and significance of the Confederate flag throughout history. Perfect for history enthusiasts, collectors, or anyone interested in exploring the complex narrative of the American Civil War.


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Weight 5 oz

1st National Confederate Flag


2nd National Confederate Flag


3rd National Confederate Flag


Bonnie Blue Flag


Confederate Battle Flag



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