Confederate Flag Do Rag

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Your a rebel from the top your head to the bottom of your heart! This cotton Confederate Flag bandana ties in the back and fits most heads! Let your Southern Heritage live on! Rebel On!!! 

9 reviews for Confederate Flag Do Rag

  1. jamie sams

    im realy glad to see some one selling rebel stuff we need more people like you. you can send me any thing rebel related in he mail Jamie sams 205 Patterson street #4 white Sulphur springs wv 24986 I would love to have a sales book so I could buy more rebel stuff please send me anything you can even stickers ill fly them on my truck proudly thanks

  2. gregory (verified owner)

    Did not get it yet WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG TO SHIP ????????

  3. Lawrence Ailshie (verified owner)

    Whereing it now 🇨🇱😁

  4. Chuck W. (verified owner)

  5. Kelly Hodgson (verified owner)

    Haven’t received my stuff yet, been over a month

  6. Anthony (verified owner)

    I can’t believe a request for a review was sent to me. I oredered my product 3 weeks ago and still have not even recieved shipping notice. Rebelnationok had no problem taking my money but has not sent my products. I have been trying to contact them be email for days and no response. All the phone numbers are not working. I been ripped off and will be contacting them in person [if the physical address is real ]. Never,never,never gives these people your money.

  7. Tiffany S. (verified owner)

  8. Marshall B. (verified owner)

    I never received my order

  9. shonna earnest (verified owner)


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