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Half and Half Confederate Flag

  • $ 8.95

The most popular item in our Confederate Flag Store is this Half Confederate Flag and Half American Flag. For a limited time, our BEST SELLING 3 x 5 Confederate/American Flag is on sale for only $8.95 and that's with FREE SHIPPING! We also have matching Half and Half items

These durable flags are made from a long lasting poly blend w/ reinforced metal grommets will let you show off your heritage for eternity!

These 1 of a kind flags are the perfect fit for any home & family wanting to embrace their roots! 

Get your flag before this SALE ENDS! 

3 x 5 $8.95

4 x 6: $14.95

3 x 5 also available by the dozen $59.95 per dozen Shipped FREE! 


Imagine if you could be satisfied and content with your purchase. That can very much be your reality with the Half and Half Confederate Flag.

Inventory Last Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Customer Reviews

Based on 211 reviews

i've already had several family members try to take this from me :)
i've always had pride in being an American and a Rebel and this flag is very much treasured.
well made and beautiful


Love it, made beutiful. We will be ordering another one soon.


great flag for recalling that happy historical time when we stomped the treasonous rebels and freed all their slaves. nice try, but you inbred losers didn't even come close to winning. try it again and we'll knock your dick in the dirt a second time :)

In defense of the stars and bars

I have bought confederate flag
Products from this company in the past.
Communists like those that hate the stars and bars do not understand Southern heritage.
They would like to throw both the
Traditional american flag and confedetate flag into the bonfires
Of antiwhite trotskyist lies and shove
The red flag and rainbow flags
Into our fettered hands.
My relatives fought for the CSA
And wanted to fight northern invaders THEY HAD NO SLAVES.
Bring your best game if you want to
Take the stars and bars from southern hands if you wish but it wont be given up
Also many of us dont get scared by calling us racist...its not a term for Whites only.
Heritage not Hate or whatever your
Braindead liberal views are.
Find some different site to attack.
A copperhead from illinois

Shoot me

This is the most ridiculous and embarrassing flag ever. How could anyone be a true blooded proud American and want to buy......little alone fly this non patriotic flag! Shame on you. Please stop disrespecting America.

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