Today Our Confederate Hearts Were Hurt


Today our Confederate Hearts were hurt.

Since day one we have always been transparent. We do everything in our power to give our customers the best possible experience when shopping at Rebel Nation. Do we mess up occasionally? Yes we do! Are there things we need to work on? Absolutely!! If we provide bad service I personally believe that we should own up to it. Who cares if we are a small business with 2 people who do 98% of the work. That’s not an excuse! 

But here at Rebel Nation we have never erased reviews and we aren’t going to start now. My only wish is that this 1 star review on our CSA Bumper Confederate Flag Bumper Sticker

It was actually from a customer who actually purchased it! When I see people who work really hard for us, packing orders, unloading trucks and working weekends it really upsets me that some twerp would want to get his jollies off making false reviews because his step-parents left him home unsupervised. 

In closing, I have personally lived my life making a point not to ask anyone for anything. I was blessed with an able body to provide for myself and there is seldom an hour of the day that I am not working on making Rebel Nation better than the day before. But today I am going to ask a favor from my Rebel Nation family. 

If you have purchased Confederate Flag, Rebel Flag Hat or any other an item from us and you haven’t reviewed it I would politely ask that you do so. Even if I sucked and pissed you off. It happened so I deserve whatever comes. But if you were pleased with us, our products and see that we are just average everyday people just trying to make a positive difference and you have anything positive to review we will take your honesty there too. When I started this business I just wanted to give average everyday people who loved the Rebel flag a place where they could get merchandise at an affordable price where they didn’t have to worry about getting ripped off or scammed. Because life is about more than making money. 

So thanks for listening. Sorry for ranting but this hurt in a way I haven’t experienced before. But we’re going to leave this on a positive note. Whoever is reading this. I hope that today is filled with the greatest blessings for you. Have the most wonderful day EVER and #rebelon

Sincerely Yours 


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