The Pandemic Tried To Kick Our Ass! But We’re Back And Better Than Ever!


Let’s Just Be Honest

Here at Rebel Nation we’ve always been transparent about how we run our business. I’ll be the 1st to say that the pandemic made things topsy turvy for a while. Back in Summer of 2020 we were flooded with over 20,000 orders in just a couple weeks! Then all of a sudden some manufacturers got scared and didn’t want to make Confederate Merchandise anymore. Everybody was afraid they were banning The Rebel Flag. Then we were told we were being shut down because we sold the Rebel Flag! So we had to build another website. All of that all at once was a major headache! Which made things crazy! I took personal disappointment in knowing I wasn’t going to be able to ship some orders. We made a lot of good customers mad as hell at us! I would have cussed me out if I was a customer too!

So Whose Fault Is It?

Whose fault was it? Mine…and I take full responsibility for that! So do “I” deserve bad reviews? You damn right I do and we’re leaving the bad online reviews up! Why hide your failures? We dropped the ball! We weren’t ready and that blame falls on me. So to all my customers who may have had issues please accept my deepest apology. My goal as a business owner has always been simple. Good prices…..with no coupon gimmicks on marked up merchandise. Good customer service….keeping the customer informed through the transaction process. And last but not least SUPER FAST shipping…if we got time to pack your order before the mail truck comes….LET’S DO IT! Many of our long time customers over the past 6 years know that we aren’t to fond of delays and I’ve always said, “Once the order is placed, we have their money so let’s ship their order out ASAP!” If we can do it same day…that’s the ultimate goal!

So How Are Orders Now?

So you may be wondering how things are at Rebel Nation going now? We’re back on track with dang near every order going out the same day or next! We’re adding new Rebel products weekly and we’ve enhanced our customer service experience. We have upgraded our text hotline so you can call or text if you have a question BEFORE or AFTER the sale! We’re committed to being better than ever! And if we do bad we’re going to OWN IT and let everyone see! And if we have done good we’d also like to hear from you and would appreciate an honest review on Google. We’ve been working hard for months after the Pandemic to get back on track and we’re sure that you’re going to love the service you can only get at Rebel Nation…The #1 Shop For Everything Rebel! Thanks for all your support, patience and love! I love you ALL!  #RebelOn

To Google Review:

Call or Text The Rebel Hotline: 918-984-8379



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