Rebel Flag Western Shirt

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Classic Western Style Shirt adorned with the Confederate Flag on the front. Pearlized snap buttons up the front and on the cuffs. Blue and white stripes on the cuffs as well. 100% cotton. Measurements below.

Small: Chest: 42", Neck: 14", Sleeve: 33 1/2"
Medium: Chest: 44", Neck: 15", Sleeve: 34"
Large: Chest: 46", Neck: 16", Sleeve: 34 1/2"
Extra Large: Chest: 49", Neck: 17", Sleeve: 35"
2X: Chest: 54", Neck: 18", Sleeve: 35 1/2"
3X: Chest: 60", Neck: 20", Sleeve: 40"
4X: Chest: 62", Neck: 21", Sleeve: 40" 



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    Absolutely Perfect! Here's Why I Think So.

    Okay, so here's the skinny. I think this shirt is perfect because out of all the western style shirts I own, it's comparable to some of the higher end ones, at a lower price. Its a nice mediumish thick cotton, and theres even some embroidery at the edges of the stars. Now, theres no pattern on the back, but thats common with these kinds of shirt, and imo, extending the pattern onto the back would be a little too much goin on.There are western shirts much lower in quality that sell for a lot more on the net, and they dont have the rebel flag on them. Hell, theres even one by White Horse that -does- have the rebel flag on it and its not this good and it costs more! Hell, 25 dollars more in some places... and its just plain grey with tiny rebel flags embroidered on the front and back yokes. This is definitely the way to go. At the current retail price of $49.95 this shirt is a good deal.I wouldnt steer ya wrong. I've posted less than favorable reviews on products I didnt like, and given the straight dope on the items I do. This is DEFINITELY one of them. Pull the trigger with confidence on this one. Quality dark blue classic/retro snaps, embroidering at the edges of the stars, and perfect fit. 5 stars all the way. Just make SURE you do your measurements on a shirt you already own, if you dont already know your measurements. Its true to size. If you dont have one to measure or otherwise go by, then go with one size over what you think would fit you comfortably just to be safe. It fits exactly like a wrangler long sleeve, if that helps paint the picture on the fit for ya.

    very nice shirt

    I should have bought a size xl but anyway I will still love it thank you

    Rebel flag shirt

    Great item love it!!

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