Rebel Flag Windsock

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This Rebel windsock is 5 feet tall  and is printed.  The design consists of a Battle Flag on top and five tails white and red mix.

9 reviews for Rebel Flag Windsock

  1. Linda Turcato (verified owner)

    I didn’t know it was made in China , If I had I would have not bought it

  2. Charles Bell (verified owner)

    Lovin it!

  3. Ronald Riffe (verified owner)

    Very nice windsock . . 2 of my friends liked them so much , I ordered ,them 1 also . Thanks Rebel Nation

  4. Ronald Riffe (verified owner)

    I ordered a Rebel wind sock for myself and a couple of my friends liked them so much , I ordered 2 more and gave them as gifts , The said they gets a lot of comments from other people liking them . thanks Rebel Nation

  5. eleanor edmondson (verified owner)

    I received 2 windsocks, but they were NOT the Rebel windsocks that are pictured. They look more like the flag of AR and were just red and blue.

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