Rebel Knife Bundle

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CSA Black Rebel Knife

Rebel USA Comb Knife

Rebel 3D Tactical Knife

Rebel Flag Ghost Knife

Tactical Rebel Flag Knife

Rebel War Knife w/ Case

Confederate Civil War Knife

Rebel Flag Boot Knife

Robert E. Lee Boot Knife

Dixie Chopper Knife

Stonewall Jackson Confederate Dagger

Robert E Lee Confederate Dagger

Lee Knife and Pin Set

Confederate Flag OTF Knife

Confederate American Flag OTF Knife

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American Flag OTF Auto Knife

Confederate Bowie Knife

Heritage Not Hate Battle Knife

Confederate Graphic Blade Knife

Wartec Battle Knife

Confederate Flag Butterfly Knife

The Wooden Battle Knife

USA Pistol Spring Assisted Knife

Confederate Pistol Spring Assisted Knife

Confederate Bullet Knife

General Lee Pocket Knife

Rebel Paracord Knife

The Rebel Spring Assisted Knife

Rebel Wavy Spring Assisted Knife

Rebel Clever Spring Assisted Knife

Rebel Pointer Spring Assisted Knife

CSA Lee Knife & Keychain


Rebel Eagle Pocket Comb

Rebel CSA Eagle OTF Knife

Rebel Nation Knucks


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Rebel Knife Bundle Contents

  • 2- Knives (varies)
  • FREE Rebel Nation Knucks

Calling all Rebel, knife or weapon collectors!  Get those hard-workin’ hands somethin’ you deserve! Two great knives of your choice plus FREE Rebel Nation Knucks – (a perfect lightweight defense item to keep those pockets light). Choose from boot knives, daggers and more!

You like free stuff right? Of course you do, what are we thinking asking you that…Check out our most popular bundle: The Rebel Home Bundle (comes with a free shower curtain originally $25!!!)

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Weight 14 oz

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  1. Great deal, but I didn’t know the knucks would be cheap plastic

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