Rebel Flag Air Fresheners (3-pack)

(7 customer reviews)

$6.99 $4.95

Put some “Rebel” in your ride. Sold in packs of 3! 

7 reviews for Rebel Flag Air Fresheners (3-pack)

  1. courtney freeman (verified owner)

    This is a great gift for anyone

  2. Courtney long (verified owner)

    They actually deserve 4 stars cuz they do look exactly like the picture and do smell like vanilla, but I only marked 1 star cuz I paid 4.99 or whatever they are for 24 or 25 ((whatever amount it says)) of them but I only received 3. Kept thinking the rest got lost or something and would eventually show up, but nope. Kinda salty I only got 3 for like $5. Other than that they are cool, kinda wish the scent would last a little longer than a couple days tho.

  3. Gaither Harwood (verified owner)

    Love the air fresheners! Good strong smell fills my truck! Awesome!

  4. Jumper (verified owner)

    They were priced to sell and will look cool long after they’re useless for their purpose, but the scent doesn’t last long at all.

  5. Ellen (verified owner)

    They don’t last very long but do smell great. Three for under $5 isn’t too bad. The packaging wasn’t that attractive, as i gave it as a gift but he really liked the sentiment. I’d probably buy these again.

  6. Lisa Williams (verified owner)

    I like the design wish it cam in different scents

  7. james rosanio (verified owner)

    i am still waiting on the tire caps

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