Premium Confederate Cotton and Nylon Flag

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Our 100% Cotton and Heavy Duty 600-d Confederate Battle Flags have beautifully sewn stripes and intricate embroidered stars. White header with two grommets. Four rows of stitching on the fly end. Look at the detail, check out our customers reviews and add a couple of these to your carts. 

  • 3′ x 5′
  • Embroidered 
  • Heavy Duty
  • 100% Cotton or 600D Nylon


28 reviews for Premium Confederate Cotton and Nylon Flag

  1. Tommy Wood (verified owner)

    I love it! Very well made!

  2. William Craft (verified owner)

    This is the the true heavy weight stitched and embroidered flag I’ve been searching for.
    It’s top quality for extreme outdoor use and has four rows of stitching.
    Vibrant colors and will shrug off UV rays.
    This one IS NOT a thin silky Flea Market flag others sell its the one you want trust me.

  3. Fred Allison (verified owner)

    It would have gotten 5 stars if it was made in the US, but it was made in China.

  4. Lisa Blair (verified owner)

    I appreciate being able to purchase what I want in a free nation. I give the owners credit for standing on principles. Not to mention they carry a quality product.

  5. Chadwick (verified owner)

    I’ve seen different varieties of flags, I owned the nylon one with “Outlined-Stitched” Stars. I didnt think it could be improved from what I had. This NEW COTTON flag is super thick. Deep, full color… something I’m proud to hang on my wall. Not a cheap Nylon P.O.S.

    Highly recommend

  6. terry gingerich (verified owner)

    would probably be extremely happy but have not r ecieved my order .the post office has no idea where my order is… not a happy camper

  7. Ben Andress (verified owner)

    Best dang flags I’ve ever bought. Excellent quality!

  8. scott (verified owner)

    great service great product

  9. Allison Promitas (verified owner)

    I’ve wanting a Confederate Flag made out of cotton for a long time! Because I wanted to put the flag in a nice wooden picture frame. And hang it in my bedroom wall. When I relieved my flag from Rebel Nation I was totally pleased with what I ordered! My flag it nicely sowed and stitched together! Too the person who sows the flag’s does a great job! I love the way my flag was put together! And the red,white and blue colors are so bright and beautiful! And I also love the stars! They are nicely sowed on and all stars are in the perfect position! This beautiful flag is now going to be displayed on my bedroom wall in a nice wooden picture frame! Thank you for making such a beautiful flag!

  10. Tim (verified owner)

    Love the Flag

  11. TSmith (verified owner)

    Cotton flag is beautiful and very well made recommended 100%

  12. Nate (verified owner)

    Awesome product amazing quality Rebel Nation are real stand up people HIGHLY recommended

  13. Jason (verified owner)

    Best quality flag I could have hoped for and arrived very quick.

  14. Matt (verified owner)

    Flag seems well made but upset to see it’s made in China. If it was made in the USA I would have given 5 stars. We need to support our country as much as possible especially these days.

  15. Don E Collins (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, Great Value, Fast service. I LOVE MY NEW REBAL FLAG, am flying it PROUDLY!!!!

  16. ‘@rosebud’


  17. Jonathan Suess (verified owner)

    Flag is high quality and beautiful

  18. Marcus Campbell

    Worse communication with shipment details ever

  19. Jingo (verified owner)

    Super fast service even among this BS Corona crap. Great communication from this vendor up to and including shipping info. Super high quality product. I will do business with these folks again!!

  20. Bert (verified owner)

    I am super pleased with my flag. Excellent quality and shipped quickly. I truly wasn’t expecting the quality of this flag. I would recommend this company to anyone.

  21. TarHeel (verified owner)

    I ordered two 3’x5′ premium flags one cotton one nylon. Got my flags one is 3’x5′ nylon the other is 6’x10′ nylon. Big flag is nice but not what I ordered. I really wanted 3’x5′ cotton. Oh well don’t want hassle of sending 6’x10′ back, and it is nice so I got me a big ass rebel flag now.

  22. MSR (verified owner)

    Confederate flag received promptly. Very well made with embroidered stars. A nice addition to family historical display. Keep it flying!

  23. Jill (verified owner)

    Great Quality!! Received quickly!!! 100% satisfied!!

  24. Lars (verified owner)

    Purchased the Nylon flag as the Cotton is sold out and couldn’t be happier. Material is on par with marine grade fabrics and the stitching is solid. If you’re looking for a flag to fly that you won’t have to replace or just want to tick off those not educated on what it stands for this is the Flag for you.

  25. Dave (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier, top grade stitching, marine grade material. Delivery was on time.

  26. Jimmy (verified owner)

    You asked me for a review, well here it is. I have called your phone number I have emailed you I have not received a response from anyone. I ordered my flag in late June and have nothing to show for it I hope this company will stand by their product and service and get back to me or refund my money. But I have nothing to show for the $45 that I spent in late June.

  27. Jo h (verified owner)

    Shipping takes a while but worth the wait!
    Little bit bigger than the. Nylon printed flag lot heavier material but gonna look beautiful waving in the air !

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I never received my flag.

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