Confederate Flag Bandana Big

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Our confederate flag bandana needs to be on every rebel head in the country. Features the complete confederate flag design. Deo Vindice

  • 100% Cotton 
  • 22″ X 22″ 

104 reviews for Confederate Flag Bandana Big

  1. Sherry Ricketson (verified owner)

    Love everything I have ordered from Rebel Nation!!! Thank You for offering Confederate merchandise!

  2. Connor Finley

    It is perfect size and shipped fast with a free sticker, but it’s a little thinner than expected but great!

  3. Cassidy Lorhan (verified owner)

    Perfect bandana i put it on my pup and it looks so cute on him!

  4. mike (verified owner)

    Dixie likes her bandana gives her more Bite! No problems ordering, shipping

  5. E.Sanders (verified owner)

    Loved the bandanas! They were perfect for the shirts I made for Rednecks with Paychecks Fall Mud Crawl!

  6. Dillon Goode (verified owner)

    Great product fast shipping

  7. Mike LA Keller (verified owner)

    The bandana is great, it worked out for the reason I bought it
    I’ll be buying from here again

  8. Ronald Sklar (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful rebel bandanna. I am very satisfied and I might order another!

  9. Angela McNabb (verified owner)

    Very good quality! My husband loves his Rebel flag fleece blanket and Don’t tread on me cup holder.

  10. Lisa Heiple (verified owner)

    Ordered for my son. He loves them. Great size fast shipping

  11. Mr. S (verified owner)

    nice bandanna. good size. a little thin. made in china

  12. Mr. S (verified owner)

    After a few times wearing and washing my 2 bandannas. They are worn and have holes in them. They look as if they were 10 years old. Save your money.

  13. Jeff Forbes (verified owner)

    Everything I’ve gotten from Rebel Nation has been perfect!! Best thing about it is, I get to support my ancestors pride for the South and what we stand for!! Make Dixie Great Again

  14. Erik Valentine (verified owner)

    Great quality

  15. Veronica Narrow (verified owner)

    I bought a few to share with my friends in Sweden. They loved them. Good quality for the price and fast shipping. Will buy from your company in the future!!

  16. Jacob Ellis (verified owner)

    When I got it and put it on it was Itchy but I washed it and it was just fine. Highly recommend this and it’s exactly what I wanted

  17. Randy Myrick (verified owner)

    Hella Awesome Bandanna!! Love it !!

  18. Logan Morrey (verified owner)

    God Bless the Southern States! I love this bandana, to Live and Die in Dixie!

  19. Leona (verified owner)

    Bought two flags,1 of them is attached to my sons dirt bike handle bars seems to be holding up well.
    We will order other stuff in the near future.. thanks,

  20. RHEC (verified owner)

    I love the bandana and I love the south! But I do not like that it says Made in China. If yall are gonna sell an American product with a historic flag on it then I hope in the future we can get them made in the USA. I used a red sharpie to kind of mark out the red so it’s not too visible. Other than that I love it! So for anyone that wants to know if its American made, it’s not. Good product, just made in China.

  21. Rob (verified owner)

    Have many bandanas, this is my preferred, not just for size.

  22. Brent C. (verified owner)

    This is awesome and love it totally recommend it 🤘

  23. Christopher Duncan (verified owner)

    Ordered two of these and they are great!

  24. Billy The Kid

    This item is crap! Made in China crap! Look at the bottom 6 stars! Wrong! Inexcusable!

  25. Jason

    Go turn on your damn televisions look at the news look at what’s popular now a days look at the complete and utter disrespect of the founding fathers and the brave confederates that fought hard with heart and soul for what they believe. You think a proud rebel shot full of holes with his last bit of strength would turn down the chance to hoist his battle flag one last time because of “the shape of the stars” or what the hell a tag said??! To who ever bitches about stupid shit knock it the hell off and be thankful we still have the opportunity to purchase this piece of heritage and history! Because brothers and sisters the more I see in society, the worse it looks for people like us. If this comes off too rough for anyone tough shit! Rip the tag off if ya don’t like it! Who cares about the bottom three stars ya damn bitch! Get ur ass out there and fly it with pride while we still can!! And if ya think ya can do better please by all means get ya some fabric and start stitching. I’ll gladly buy it from ya! Till then let’s not be too damn critical.

  26. MARK (verified owner)

    Got my order very fast and I absolutely recommend buying this product. Thanks again!

  27. Jan (verified owner)

    Have been looking for just this flag for a long time, so glad I found your web site and then found the flag. It arrived just as you stated and it is perfect…thanks for great service and product.

  28. Rick Shaftan (verified owner)

    You all gotta find any place other than CHINA to have these made. Doesn’t have to be here, but it can’t be there.

  29. Erik Betancourt (verified owner)

    These bandanas are good, I carry them around when a liberal needs to cry. For some reason they cry even more when I show them these and my battle flag ring???
    Good size and want to see how long they will last with daily use. Rebel on.

  30. Nathan Roberts

    The middle of the star is 3 inches to the side. But it works for me.

  31. Marshall

    Look nice ,terrible quality

  32. Ralph H (verified owner)

    Shows my southern Heritage very well! I sure hope it can handle a washing!!

  33. Alexander Mullen (verified owner)

    I have an extra large head whereas I wear an XL Helmet and chosen to purchase a Confederate Bandana. It fits pretty well because other Bandanas at other places are a smaller size. This item is also ideal in the COVID-19 era. It can be attire fashion, protection, and also a Novelty. I will be considering buying more of these on future purchases. Wear during work or Leisure.

  34. Dawn Helms (verified owner)

    Got this for BF to use as face mask since our city county has gone mandatory when in public. He wears it daily for work

  35. James (verified owner)

    Good bandana especially since face coverings are required

  36. JodyLynn Bruch

    Terrible quality, bet they are made in China.

  37. Carl (verified owner)

    Just received 2 of these today looks great and will look even better on my head!

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Have not received yet and it’s been 3 weeks with no communication!

  39. Deanna (verified owner)

    I still haven’t received it

  40. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Cant rate. Haven’t received them yet

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Been 3 weeks . Haven’t received my purchase yet

  42. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Still haven’t received

  43. Nic L. (verified owner)

    So happy thanks

  44. Hideko Imanishi (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 Bandanas on Augst 7th to be sent to Tom Flippen in Walla Walla, Washington State but haven’t recieved them yet. Sent a couple of emails asking ‘why the delay’ but no reply. They sure look good and I’ll leave feedback that will glow in the dark once I receive them. Take care Y’all and stay safe. Les. (Hideko’s husband)

  45. Michael Hunzinger (verified owner)

    Paid for Express shipping and i still don’t have my property (bandannas)????????

  46. Roger Tiffner (verified owner)

    Don’t know still haven’t got it

  47. Daniel Woodruff (verified owner)

    Never got it

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

    the fuckin commies still are holding my package. its been in the preshipment phase since the 11th

  49. Timothy durkan (verified owner)

    I still haven’t received the package. The tracking number says it never left Tulsa…0.0 stars.

  50. gregory (verified owner)

    Did not get it yet

  51. Lacy Grant (verified owner)

    I have not got nothing i ordered!!!

  52. Conniw Jarvis (verified owner)

  53. Zane Beasley (verified owner)

    Haven’t received yet

  54. john Smith (verified owner)

    They have not arrived yet. Are they still on the way??

  55. Jamie (verified owner)

    I haven’t received my product.

  56. jacob perry (verified owner)

    hasent shown up

  57. Lawrence Ailshie (verified owner)

  58. Wesley Minter (verified owner)

    I have still not received my order going to rate neutral till it arrives

  59. Anthony (verified owner)

    I can’t rate this I have not recieved it and rebel nation will not return my emails and all available phone numbers are bad. I can no response in any way. SUCKS

  60. Kevin Barksdale (verified owner)

    I placed an order for a Battle Flag Bandana on Aug. 2, 2020. Order #65000. I received a notice on Aug. 11 that the order had been processed and was given a tracking number for it. Since then the only thing listed on the USPS tracking page is
    August 11, 2020 at 8:09 am
    Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item
    TULSA, OK 74145

    I che3cked the mail today, Sep 1, 2020, and still have not received the item. I sent one message about this a week to ten days ago but never received a reply. Will I get my order, or will I e getting a refund?

  61. Robert Watson (verified owner)

    I still have not received my order.

  62. Mark M. (verified owner)

    Have not received any part of order

  63. Kelsey Moore (verified owner)

    Still haven’t recieved my order.

  64. Brittany Scoon (verified owner)

    Never received my products. It’s been two weeks since they were “shipped” and never reached the post office. I reached out to the company and never received a response.

  65. ethan simon (verified owner)

    never got my package

  66. Marshall B. (verified owner)

    I never received my order.

  67. Michael Costello (verified owner)

    Never received my order

  68. Molly Fitzmaurice (verified owner)

    Well I cannot confirm yet as I’m still waiting to receive my item in the mail ,, have not checked today yet ,, will be doing so,, until then I have no answer,, def will let ya no upon arrv

  69. Aleus Wild (verified owner)

    I have not received my package yet

  70. Paul Simmons (verified owner)

    Gave not received the flag and I believe that I have been charged twice

  71. Virgil Osborne (verified owner)

    Never received my product I do not know what happened my address was 573 dogwood Drive Willis Texas 77378 I don’t know if someone stole it off my porch if it was delivered to the wrong house

  72. Ashley Johnson (verified owner)

  73. John Doe (verified owner)

    I still haven’t got my order. Placed it Aug 25. It is now Sept 19. I payed for faster shipping too. I want my money back

  74. Brian Hartman (verified owner)

    Still haven’t received products, multiple emails and calls to no return. Find another store to use.

  75. David (verified owner)

    I never received it and when I look at the tracking it says it’s still pending and it’s been three weeks. Plus, I sent an email to inquire about it and never heard back.

  76. Timothy Smith (verified owner)

    I haven’t got them yet been eagerly waiting…

  77. Nathan Cox (verified owner)

    Never got my flag yet still waiting to get it

  78. Roland P. (verified owner)

    Still have not received order that was placed on Sept 11th, 2020. I sent 2 email/message communications with no response to either. I don’t recommend this business.

  79. Kaden O. (verified owner)

    Never received

  80. Tristen F. (verified owner)

    Its been 2 weeks and I still haven’t gotten it. So I can’t say if I like it.

  81. Branden V. (verified owner)

    Still have not received it and was going to order 5 more but it is taking way to long to get and it is a bit more pricey then the confederate shop… think I will order from them when I get more

  82. Mason K. (verified owner)

    I ordered it 2 weeks ago still haven’t got it ,then I get gmail saying” can you review this item “.bruh

  83. Richard Lindstrom (verified owner)

    Never got it never heard from you Can’t get ahold of you Will never order anything from you again

  84. Clayton Williamson (verified owner)

    Unfortunately, I have not received the order yet, I got a email from you on Sept 21 saying the order was complete and a tracking number usps: 1 but when I click on it, it just says status not available. Hopefully I will get it soon and give you a real review.

  85. John Boutin (verified owner)

  86. Casey Bowen (verified owner)

    I never received my purchase!!!
    Please contact me

  87. Monica Koblinski (verified owner)

    Still haven’t received it and I ordered it on July 30th. It’s been at the post office in Tulsa, Oklahoma since August 25th…..

  88. Gary Nelson (verified owner)

    I never received the product

  89. James Alvarez (verified owner)

    Never received it

  90. Kevin R. (verified owner)

    Im sure its nice but i placed my order two weeks ago and it still had not shipped

  91. Bryan Lucas (verified owner)

    I don’t know where you sent the bandanna but I never received it and never had a tracking number to track it

  92. David Pellew (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered the same bandana twice? Where are they?

  93. Connie J. (verified owner)

    I haven’t received my order yet. I’ve shopped with you guys before, and have been satisfied, but this bandanna order is getting frustrating. Please, contact me by e-mail if you can!

  94. Leo (verified owner)

    I am very displeased with my experience with this company. I would not recommend ordering from this company.
    I ordered a large battleflag bandana, in total of 3 of them, on 2 separate occasions. The first time was over 2 months ago, and still have not received what I purchased. I gave the benefit of the doubt, and ordered 2 more from them.. Still nothing
    Would Not Recommend throwing away hard earned money, for nothing

  95. Shyanna Maynard (verified owner)

  96. Robert Gilpin (verified owner)

    Can’t wait to wear it with my confederate hat and offend some BLMers!!

  97. Danny Best (verified owner)

    I never received my package

  98. (store manager)

    Hello, please email me at so we can get this handled for you.

  99. Anonymous (verified owner)

    They are pretty.

  100. Ethan (verified owner)

    The only thing I dont like is it says 100% cotton on it

  101. Jerry Mccaig (verified owner)

  102. Jerry Ward (verified owner)

    Very happy with the merchandise and service. Will be recommending you to all my friends and family.

  103. Mike (verified owner)

    Great Item

  104. Keegan (verified owner)

    Great quality. Delivered quickly.

  105. Collin M. (verified owner)

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