Confederate Blue Line Flag

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If you’re a rebel and you love the men and women in blue who sacrifice their lives for us on a daily basis then you will love this flag. Our Confederate Blue Line Flags are 3′ X 5′ and have two brass grommets for hanging. 



33 reviews for Confederate Blue Line Flag

  1. Curtis Rowe (verified owner)

    Excellent flag to show that Southerners support their local Sheriff and Police officers.

  2. Louise Gallagher

    I agree that our Southern Law Enforcement’s lives does matter. When we lose a Law Enforcement Officer, we lose a defender of our peace, safety and liberty!

  3. Johnathon Bates (verified owner)

    Could been made stronger but a lot of people round here love it

  4. Jacqueline Bells

    It is a blue rebel flag with a wide blue stripe and an eyesore but mission accomplished I paid my money!

  5. Albert Parsons

    Bought a couple of these as emergency TP and as handy fire starter, have to say both served their purpose well. The rag is soft of the anus but cleans it well, and will start a camp fire in seconds!

  6. kkk supporter

    Great choking supply for BLM scum

  7. Elizabeth Comeaux (verified owner)

    very nice flag.And fast delivery

  8. Dr. Schulz (verified owner)

    Now this flag dows fly in the warm summer breeze here in Germany, as former Military and active ER Doc, I support our sisters and brothers in blue. With the design of the Confederate flag I show my support of heritage and history and also that I am always side by side with all LEOs wereever they are!!!! Thanks for this nice flag

  9. Blaine Madeya

    A flag you don’t see often.

  10. Racist Guy

    I mean, how are people going to know that I support white supremacy and police brutality against minorities without a flag? Oh yeah, my Trump bumpersticker does it it.. But a flag is nice.

  11. Bob Bohm (verified owner)

    Good quality flag. Always get questions on it. Great price!

  12. Jerrod Griffin (verified owner)

    Great flag for the price

  13. Aaron Price (verified owner)

    Good quality, fast shipping. Will do business again!

  14. Troy

    Tripple Threat Flag and Bumper Stickers got here faster than they said.
    Def. be back for more

  15. Lori Howard (verified owner)

    Love the flag had one but the storm’s tore it up so I wanted another one

  16. Rob (verified owner)

    Perfect for covering some windows and teaching history also!

  17. Cleetua

    Perfect for showing those naggers they ain’t welcome in these parts. Support the over zealous police state and slavery all at once!

  18. Ethan

    In case you forgot, the Confederacy attempted to secede from the Union and the basis of their government was that whites were superior to blacks and that slavery was not only legal but just. Quite disgusting to think a product like this would be made and sold. Would never spend money at this racist business.

  19. Billy Bob

    After I was done fucking my sister to Donald Trump speeches I ordered this cum rag to mop it up. It’s pretty absorbent and felt good on my cock and balls.

  20. Sammy gers

    Just purchased 3 to piss off you stupid shits!!!!

  21. Rebel Blood

    It’s amazing that little snowflake liberals can even find the time to write fake reviews on this site. I figured they would be too busy looting Target to get new panties to wear because their Mother’s panties have too many skid Mark’s. God Bless the South. God Bless America. TRUMP 2020!

  22. Buddy

    It’s sad these libtard snowflakes keep writing fake reviews it’s not like they have jobs they just want free money from sleepy joe and to loot targets. TRUMP2020 God Bless the South,The South will rise again

  23. Debbie (verified owner)

    Order this item and never received it

  24. clyde (verified owner)

    very nice, well made

  25. Ronald (verified owner)

    did not receive

  26. Barry (verified owner)

    I have not yet received my order. It is Sept. 24th and I ordered Sept 7th

  27. Cory Woods (verified owner)

    Haven’t received products yet. Still waiting

  28. Roger Poore (verified owner)

    I never received this product nor have I heard anything back from my emails! I will not buy from here again

  29. Kathryn Bailey (verified owner)

    I have not received anything no tracking number nothing

  30. James Thomas (verified owner)

    I placed my order on the 21st of September and have yet to receive my merchandise or any type of tracking number.

  31. Chase Larson (verified owner)

    Love it if I ever get it a tracking number would be appreciated because my wife is waiting for the flag

  32. Christy H. (verified owner)

    Order was received after a bit of a delay that was fully explained to me. The items were exactly as I expected. I am very pleased with the service! Thanks!

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

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