Confederate Battle Flag

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Everybody deserves their very own Rebel Flag so we made it affordable for everyone! This is the lowest price we have EVER offered for the this poly Confederate Battle Flag and it’s available in a variety of size!

3×5 , 4ft X 6ft and 5ft X 8ft Rebel Flags have 2 metal grommets for easy hanging, is printed on both sides and are great way to show your rebel heritage and confederate pride. We’re now offering our printed poly Battle flag in a 6′ x 10′ size. Same great quality of the larger 4×6 and 5×8 with 3 grommets for flying. 

If you’re wanting a flag bigger than a 6′ X 10′ then check out our Heavy Duty Sewn and Embroidered Confederate Battle Flags as well as our Premium Cotton and Nylon Confederate Battle Flags too! Deo Vindice


304 reviews for Confederate Battle Flag

  1. Charlene Lasarge

    I love it when you order something online and you get confirmation that your order is shipped mere hours after you order. Will definitely order from you again! Thanks!!

  2. Bill Jamison (verified owner)

    Higher quality than one I paid more for, VERY fast shipping. I will be back to shop repeatedly.

  3. Casey auld (verified owner)

    extremely fast shipping excellent communication skills above average response communication excellent products excellent prices one of the best places to shop I’m definitely shopping here more often highly recommended

  4. Christine Phillips (verified owner)

    I love how fast they got the flag to me and the fabric it is made out of for the price it cost. I was very concern that I might not be able to ever get a flag, but I was able to get it.

  5. Zach White (verified owner)

    It was exactly what I was expecting

  6. Angela Huddleston (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 flags on March 26, 2016. I received an email on April 5, 2016 stating that the flags were being shipped out. I ordered these flags for my husband’s birthday. It was to be a confederate and POW themed party and the flags were going to be the centerpiece. The party was to be on April 17, 2016. We still have not received them as of today’s date April 19, 2016. We contacted the company on April 18 2016 and was told that it had been put in the computer that the items were shipped out but in actuality they had not and there was an error in shipping. Apparently there was a break down in their communication and shipping department. Bottom line we had the party without them and we are still waiting.

  7. Mike Waggoner (verified owner)


  8. Casey Ticer

    They have great products. Sold by great people!!!

  9. Allen Bruner (verified owner)

    We love our flag we ordered. We love to show our support. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to buy the flag. I LOVE FLAGS

  10. Terry Duke (verified owner)

    Born and raised Son of Tennessee. Tennessee Rebel Flag is beautiful and I display it PROUDLY ! It will never be given up and will always have a home. Love it !!!

  11. Andrea (verified owner)

    I have purchased several items and I am extremely pleased!! I love rebel nation and recommend it to all my friends!! Keep up the great work!!

  12. PATRICIA GISSEL (verified owner)

    This is the perfect rebel flag. Priced just right ( Until I save enough to get the bigger flag .) I purchased this flag 2x before & this way I always have an extra/ I WAS BORN IN THE NORTH BUT I’M A REBEL AT HEART> I FLY THIS REBEL FLAG EVERYDAY, 1st thing I do when I wake is put out my flag. Only rebel flag in my section of town. I’ve purchased other items from Rebel Nation & have always gotten fast delivery & excellent service. I will continue to buy from Rebel Nation. GET MORE JEWLERY OK.

  13. Charles Jantz (verified owner)

    Very happy with the time it took for delivery. The comunication in between time was very informative on my order status..will definitely be ordering again.

  14. Scot Carter (verified owner)

    Got it quick. Love the flag!

  15. Michael (verified owner)

    Got to my house with in a couple days after I ordered it and its exactly what i wanted.

  16. Robbin Greer (verified owner)

    I already had my flag. These two were purchased for gifts. At the price, I could not resist! High quality, fast shipping and best price I’ve ever seen!

  17. Jeri Miller (verified owner)

    Great company, great prices, fast service…love your site and your Facebook post!

  18. Richard Hoffman (verified owner)

    Perfect..very fast shipping…I will be shopping again…

  19. Brandi Lempka (verified owner)

    Great price, delivery, colors,and quality now I can’t wait till hey my own place to hang it with the tray of my rebels flags

  20. Christopher Grimberg (verified owner)

    Great prices and amazing products. This flag is beautiful and looks incredible. I hung it on my flag pole outside my house with my American flag and i get a mix of honks and fingers. I plan on taking it to the next Trump event. This flag is heritage not hate. History not a hate symbol. God Bless America and our history.

  21. Jaryk Pitsch (verified owner)

    Love the flag! y’all are fast at shipping

  22. THOMAS L MADDOX (verified owner)

    Great price thanks

  23. Mike (verified owner)

    Great service, price and priduct !!

  24. Daniel Baker (verified owner)

    Was very satisfied

  25. Raypage (verified owner)

    Love it just have to find a place to hang it but I will hang it up with the rest of them thank you

  26. John Doe (verified owner)

    The products are great, but make sure to use a disposable email address as Rebel Nation is a spammer and does not conform to spam laws. Also pretty slow on shipping.

  27. John Boy (verified owner)

    Nice Flag looks good On My Building Flying Will Buy More

  28. REV. LEROYKEENEY (verified owner)


  29. Momo Moon (verified owner)

    It came in quickly… Bigger than what was expected… My boyfriend loved it, its currently in our room above my bed lol… Good quality and price fore the flag I got… Very satisfied…

  30. Samuel Fontenot (verified owner)

    Still waiting on my free flag just ordered six more from someone else because they don’t lie

  31. Bonnita Westgate (verified owner)

    I am still waiting for parts of my order

  32. Don Darnell (verified owner)

    Everything was good and I think you.

  33. Matt “BULLETPROOF” Trongo (verified owner)

    great quality at an awesome price. thanks again! #rebelnationok

  34. Conzar Sepulveda (verified owner)

    For the price it’s an amazing flag!

  35. Ronald Blatny (verified owner)

    I ordered 8 of these flags and they all came in one pkg within at least one week. Love these guys. Will definately order from them again.

  36. John Newmans (verified owner)

    Good product for the price arrived as advertised, I will be back .

  37. RICHARD PEARCE (verified owner)

    Great Flag. I’m flying it 24 hours a day and it’s very visible from a high traffic road. Mounted on a 26 foot flagpole and also the flag is well lite up at night for easy visibility from people driving by on a well traveled county highway. I used a strong LED spotlight for night. The Confederate flag almost looks like a neon sign at night, it’s so visible. Keep ’em flying. I made my own galvanized heavy duty steel flag pole with a mig welder and used paracord for the lanyard and heavy-duty eye-bolts for the ‘pulley’ and ‘cleat’. You don’t need to spend a lot to make a strong flagpole when you use some ‘redneck engineering’ know-how. I ordered spare flags also.

  38. Jeffrey Stevens (verified owner)

    Great product. Arrived earlier than expected. Good quality

  39. Chris (verified owner)

    Great product. Arrived before expected. High quality products

  40. Jim Davis (verified owner)

    Great products and delivery

  41. Rebel Morgan (verified owner)

    Love it! As usual it came early and is well made

  42. BiggD (verified owner)

    We were having a party and we needed our Southern Flags the Confederate Flags where good product thanks

  43. Ann Bunch (verified owner)

    I am from Canada and I LOVE MY CONFEDERATE FLAG!!!!!

  44. Tucker Konichek (verified owner)

    I got the wrong flag I emailed them about it and they never got back to me

  45. Dennis Szymanski (verified owner)

    Nice, pretty much what you expect.

  46. Sam Whelan (verified owner)

    Great flag, Got it super fast.. Thanks..

  47. Brad Tetley (verified owner)

    The wait for shipping wasn’t long and everything in the package came intact with no rips tears or other problems

  48. Christina Thompson (verified owner)

    I have ordered often..Thank you for the great service and products.

  49. James Kaufmann (verified owner)

    I ordered two of these, and at first i was sent the wrong flags, (the half and halfs), but the customer support did everything to get me my correct profuct ASAP, and even allowed me to keep the ones they sent by mistake. Im pleased with the amazing service i have been given, and im glad they take care of there customers. Its a nice flag that now shows my southern pride on my wall.

  50. Sarah Trebesch (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this flag! Super fast shipping! Great product! Very satisfied!!

  51. Bob MORAZES (verified owner)

    I fly the confederate battle flag everyday, and these flags do a great job for 6 months or more.
    We have constant winds here and the summer sun is brutal. These flags fly proud until its time to freshen the Virginia landscape with new symbol of the proud Southern Heritage.
    Thanks for great service and products!

  52. Terri Jones (verified owner)

    I was impressed with the quality of the flag especially considering the price. My grandson going to love it.

  53. Steve Alexander (verified owner)

    Thanks Rebelnation. Everybody get em in the air!

  54. Rob (verified owner)

    Confederation quality gear with discounted low prices. Thanks you’ll!

  55. Lisa King (verified owner)

    I love it and it is flying on my flag pole in my yard it was a lot bigger than I thought it didn’t look This big online and thank u again

  56. Southern Girl (verified owner)

    While driving out to my farm there is a confederate flag flying on a hill in Texas. I love it. I have noticed that the wind has began to beat it pretty bad. I bought this flag to present to the family that owns that beat up flag on the hill, all I will request is that they give the old flag an honorable disposal. I really enjoy seeing it when I go that direction. I am giving it to the family as soon as I go back out to my farm.

  57. Jax Hutchens (verified owner)

    It came in fast and it was in great shape when it arrived i have it hanging on my window and i love it even the neighbors tell me how nice it really is

  58. Hunter Dill (verified owner)

    Great service and communication, more than excited once the flag arrived in perfect condition and I will buy from them again.

  59. Andrew Melero-Lopez (verified owner)

    Great Buy!

  60. cherise yuhasz (verified owner)

    I love their flags. Just as described. Fast delivery. Highly recommend.

  61. William Crew (verified owner)

    Good ole’ Dixie flag is made well and hangs high on my land. We need more out there.

  62. marty higle (verified owner)

    Had bought these before, good quality, and I have chosen to sell these at my skateboard shop. They are popular and here shortly I will be ordering more, thanx!

  63. Evelyn Jones (verified owner)

    Very nice thanks

  64. William Johnson (verified owner)

    Good looking flag.
    Flies nicely in a breeze..

  65. Michael Gilmore (verified owner)

    Best company around to get all your amazing reblenationok product thank you for all you guys do loving my rebel flag great prices around

  66. Patrick (verified owner)

    Arrived within a week got exactly what I wanted

  67. stephen white (verified owner)


  68. Gary (verified owner)

    Flag looks awesome,can’t wait to hang it by the front door

  69. Dwayne Aleta (verified owner)

    This flag represents a lot of different history that no one can take away from us, No matter how hard they try This flag is top shelf quality just like the people for which it represents, And I am proud to display this flag for everyone to see , Whether they agree or disagree for what it stands for

  70. don jenkins (verified owner)

    Great price,real fast delivery,extremely happy.

  71. Frances Bartholomew (verified owner)

    These are brightly colored, sturdy and eye catching!! Fly them high!!

  72. Vincent Maurice (verified owner)

    Fast delivery! Exactly what I ordered! Smooth transaction!

  73. Brad Butson (verified owner)

    Great product for the price

  74. Clyde Williams (verified owner)

    Awesome will buy again

  75. Jack Mckahan (verified owner)

    Best product ever

  76. Tammy Jones (verified owner)

    I brought 2 confederate flags one for each of my kids and they absolutely love them got them hanging in their bedroom window as curtains.
    And the prices are great too

  77. Tim Everson (verified owner)

    Love my new flags great products and reasonably priced

  78. Jay Bird (verified owner)

    I love this flag it was just what I was needing. I love the size of it. It Flys proudly in my front yard will be buying another one very soon

  79. William Swartzentrover (verified owner)

    Great flag. Would buy from again. Super fast delivery. Thank you

  80. Rich (verified owner)

    Great product at a reasonable price

  81. Dominic King (verified owner)

    Great product, timely delivery

  82. wesley franklin (verified owner)

    Fast response good quality for my uses.

  83. Linda Janvrin (verified owner)

    Great service, and guick response to my inquiry. Quality product, reasonable price.

  84. David (verified owner)

    Got this flag flew it one day and it shredded. Emailed them back to let them know and get a replacement or refund and they wouldnt even respond… F-

  85. Daniel Jordan (verified owner)

    Came quick. Great Flag.

  86. Allison Promitas (verified owner)

    I bought this flag for my dad for his Birthday. He loved it! He use to have a Confederate Flag that wast sent to him from Friend in Alabama. My dad hung the flag up outside. And somebody had taken it!. Somebody obviously stole it. My dad was really upset. So I thought id get him a new one. Its not the original gift he had but I figured a new one could make up for it. He really loves the new flag a lot! Thank you!

  87. ED (verified owner)

    received in 1 week exactly as promised and good quality would order again

  88. Chris Wilson (verified owner)

    This flag has great heritage.Run it up the flag pole and DON’T take it down

  89. Scott (verified owner)

    The flag arrived quickly and is everything I expected!

  90. Barbara

    My Husband and I have our Rebel Flag flying high.

  91. GOY (verified owner)

    No hassles good Folks to deal with.

  92. Wallace Mills

    You could not do better business with a good ol down to earth family business, they are very prompt, professional. And everything I ordered was as advertised, and this is the only place I would order my Confederate merchandise from.
    And if I could I would give this family owned business 100 star’s.

  93. Dusty (verified owner)

    I fly my rebel flag just below the stars & stripes. Love that I can find rebel flags at such a reasonable price. Rebel Nation is a great company to do business with. Good prices, no hassles, easy purchasing and fast shipping. What more can you ask for?

  94. Steven (verified owner)

    Superb flag excellent value for money

  95. Rick (verified owner)

    Went to order a 6’x10’ sold out really However I love this store so I will keep trying have a Marry Christmas everyone
    PS if this is my only complaint then I sure don’t have much to worry about Right

  96. Jesse McPhee (verified owner)


  97. Jumper (verified owner)

    I haven’t been able to find these for less than $20-$30 ANY WHERE else…..AWESOME price.

  98. Mickey (verified owner)

    Shipping was fast looks and feels of good of quality material and looks good out there flying under my star’s and stripes.

  99. Lorri Page (verified owner)

    Looks Amazing!!! Flying high and proud!!

  100. Bahls

    Cheap chinese flag

  101. CLINTON (verified owner)

    Like the Flag price was good Shipping was fast 👍👍

  102. Just what I ordered (verified owner)

    Very happy with my order got fast

  103. Megan (verified owner)

    It was just what we wanted. Shipped fast!! I will definitely order from here again

  104. Greg (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping. Great Product. 5 Star Seller for sure.

  105. Teresa (verified owner)

    I ordered 11 different confederate flags and 1 Trump flag. I love each and everyone of them. I highly recommend Rebel Nation to everyone. Definitely ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  106. John W

    3×5 Confederate flags are quality throughout. Fabric, sewing, grommets and vivid colors. Won’t disappoint. Great price! I highly recommend. Displayed mine today and my liberal neighbor freaked out on me screaming and yelling demanding I take it down. Accusing me of destroying the neighborhood! Yes, I know I live in Wisconsin however I’m totally against removing statues, monuments and this flag! It’s our country’s history people. Good, bad or ugly. Keep your opinions to yourself. I’m not blocking bridges or freeways. I’m not looting or vandalizing. I’m simply displaying a flag. Yes, it’s in protest of what is going on in our country today. Called me a racist. I didn’t feel much love from that lunatics outrage and name calling behavior over some harmless fabric waving from my porch.
    I’m now ordering the one in all black! #blackflagsmatter #trump2020

  107. Woody (verified owner)

    Thanks for preserving the history of our country and making these great items available!

  108. Jeremy

    I submitted my info, was under the impression I was going to receive a free flag. This was supposed to arrive before Talladega. Yet here we are. No flag. this has been 4 months. I already ordered one 2 months ago on Amazon before they removed them. It was delivered last week. It was 60/40 hemp cotton mix.

  109. Dick. Musick (verified owner)

    High Quality.Fast shipping.Love it .Thank You

  110. Trevahn

    Its 2020. Not 1860. Time to move on. You don’t see nazi flags flying around Germany. Also Fuck Donald Trump and Black Lives Matter.

  111. Reffer

    Learn the history of the flag and what it stands for before running off at the mouth. The flag isn’t about hate, but y’all have labeled it as such. Read what each color and symbol stands for and you will realize that you let your lack of education has overloaded your behind. (Won’t be as vulgar or disrespectful as yourself.) Have a wonderful day.

  112. Michael (verified owner)

    This isn’t a knock on the product, but a one-star rating for the seller not informing customers of the source of their products. At least I didn’t notice any indication of such when I was researching the 4X6 Battle Flag I recently bought. I haven’t yet opened the package containing the flag, so I can’t speak of the quality. MADE IN CHINA in bold letters stopped me. The day I received the flag, I wrote Rebel Nation to express my surprise and great disappointment that they have to sell Confederate gear imported from China. I didn’t want to pay for return shipping, and told them so. It’s been going on two weeks and I haven’t had a response yet to my email. I’m not holding my breath. I AM looking for another vendor to purchase future Confederate gear. 🙁

  113. Al

    When all the trumptards started hording the toilet paper, i had to find an alternative. I found that these confederate flags are great for wiping my ass! 🙂

  114. Mike Hunt

    This was a flag that was flown in battles that killed Americans. Nothing political, just a fact. You’re not a patriot if you fly this flag.

  115. Buy them and fly them proudly.

    I’m a historian. Especially American history, which so many people today want to tear down and re-write their own self-serving history, which is anti-AMERICA and serves no purpose other than their own twisted and hateful agenda.

    So knuckleheads, cowards, criminals; It occurs to me that you only wish to violently and so disrespectfully re-write American history to your liking? Am I wrong on this point?

    LOL. Not going to happen. I’m from Pennsylvania and have the uniform of my great-great grandfather, which is confederate. I wasn’t alive then and neither were you. Who the hell are you to pass judgment on my ancestors or me? You libtards. God help us. Oooops. Right. You don’t much Care for God either, do you, lib-tards? That would be pulling power away from you, which is of course-unacceptable.

    So, have fun in the major lib-tard cities where the liberals hold sway, but don’t come into this part of PA or other parts of AMERICA where you are considered vermin. Rats. Come into central and mountainous PA with your horseshit, but you won’t like it.

    Of course, I am now branded as a racist, hate mongering idiot because I:

    1: Disagree with you, and you can’t handle it.
    2.: Fly a confederate battle flag, which you really don’t know about or even give $0.02 about. It is just another reason for you to wail and protest about. Try getting a real job, comrade idiot. It pays and it has dignity. Neither of which you probably know.
    3:Am conservative, and will vote for Donald Trump.
    4:I will fly my confederate battle flag. I served in the US Military and I Love this great country that you are trying to tear down. It strikes me that most of you hate the US. Can you honestly (another bad word for you) deny that? But I will not stand silent on watching our southern states or the confederacy taking an unduly beating. It is our Collective history and the forming of this great country. I have ancestor that served in this war. Do any BLM or other lib-tard people honor their cause by a known ancestor that was a slave other than by generically having a night on the town by looting, disrespecting law enforcement, burning buildings, looting businesses,stealing, and forming anarchy?

    You sure as hell are touting your heritage and wishing for US to pay for your heritage of over 200 years ago. But that doesn’t apply to us, does it?

    BLM. No, all lives matter.

    Your damn sure it does. Lib-yards (and that is the nicest name I could call them

  116. Dave S.

    Get one before they are banned forever! Due to the marxist left erasing American history to fit their new fundamental agenda. MAGA

  117. DangerDog

    I’ve owned one of these style flags that I bought YEARS ago, but it was stolen or thrown away by one of my ex roommates. I’m buying a lot of Confederate merchandise given the state of the country right now and I will fly it proudly; and I’m not even from the south, but I’ll be a rebel till I die. Be safe out there, fellow patriots.

  118. Web

    This was advertised for 4.95 on the click pop up. Was gonna order 20 to give away

  119. Buy them and fly them proudly.

    Buy them and fly them proudly. They are our heritage.

  120. Don (verified owner)

    Great flag and they will be flown with pride !

  121. Sam (verified owner)

    Proud to display

  122. William Tecumseh Sherman

    This flag is completely inaccurate! The real confederate flag should be surrendering or on fire!

  123. Black Lives Matter

    This is the saddest most disgusting review section I’ve ever seen y’all should be embrassed

  124. Black Lives Matter

    This is the saddest most disgusting review section out and you all should be embarrassed

  125. Rebel Son

    Very telling of the sad worthless lifestyles of the Marxist “blm” supporters to be on here shedding their commy tears on this website. Have you guys/gals (or whatever gender you decided you are today) ever considered getting real jobs, you may find it personally rewarding to live independent of your parents’ basement.

    The south will rise again!

  126. Jackie Robertson (verified owner)

    Recived on time and flags are great

  127. Edward

    Loved the flag! I‘M putting together a display of both the north and the south’s army’s and needed the confederate flag. It looks great but probably should have orders a smaller one. Great product though!

  128. Michael Thompson (verified owner)

    I have it outside flying every day I love it it looks wonderful thank you so much

  129. rose

    cant wait to get my beautiful flag already got a flag pole its goin hi so the world can see it flyin hi thanks very much 🇱🇷 south will rise again

  130. Cowardly Racist

    Do You Guys Sell This As Toilet Paper?

  131. tim bee

    I just ordered one so I could burn it this coming 4th of July

  132. Yo Momma

    Hope everyone knows blm is founded by self admitted MARXIST! Never make room for this group. POC are more than welcome in my home but not if you try to burn my town down. Why can’t some people figure that out.

  133. Kristin Frazee

    Found your site to purchase a flag and then I seen your comments and was disgusted that you allow morons to purchase our beautiful flags representing our beautiful country to brag about burning our flags and buying them from you for that exact reason!!! Shame on you

  134. Erin E Miller (verified owner)

    Happy with service, price & speedy delivery.

  135. Curtis (verified owner)

    Great flag. Displayed on my back porch.

  136. Anne

    It disgusts me that people still buy these flags. It does not represent America it represents a group of people that fought to keep slavery. These flags represent hate. Before people get mad and assume who I am, and I am a white republican that voted for Trump. I find it ridiculous how anyone would spend their hard earned money on a flag like this I get being mad at the idea of BLM but right now black lives do matter. When there was the women’s march it didn’t undermine men it just meant that right now these are the things that are bad and need to be focused on. So yes, all lives do matter but you cant have all lives matter before fixing the lives that are struggling the most. This flag should be banned from even being sold.

  137. Daniel

    Please fight and keep selling these flags. Glad there are people out there that won’t pander to a bunch of pussies.

  138. William Loyd

    We love you civil wars coming and these left wing dicks won’t stop us from keeping America great again.i love your flags there so beautiful

  139. Dana Vega (verified owner)

    Love it

  140. Can’t wait to get mine.. they are hard to find.. They are apart of our history…

    Can’t wIt to get mine they are a part of our history…

  141. CANT WAIT TO GET MINE!!!! (verified owner)

    Love it !!!

  142. Julien Gambs (verified owner)

    Heritage not hate

  143. Kevin Linder (verified owner)

    Love the 4×6 size. Have it on my 25ft flag pole and everyone who drives by likes it.

  144. Linda Janvrin (verified owner)

    I have ordered from Rebel Nation in the past, and once again their customer service,quick shipping, and product quality is second to none. These guys know what their customer want! Keep up the good work guys!

  145. Mark Murphy (verified owner)

    Just waiting for my flag to be shipped out to me. Can’t wait to get it. So I can display it with pride. I know Oklahoma is OK 👍 👌😎

  146. Jim D. (verified owner)

    No problem & proud to display it even if I am from up North !!

  147. Joe Sixpack

    Sadly this flag didnt burn as fast as I wanted it too.

  148. Kaycie (verified owner)

    Awesome products! Even if Google tries to sensor everything

  149. Annette Hamilton (verified owner)

    I ♥️ my flags Ty so much for ur business..I had to wait a wk & a couple of days but it was worth it..I’ll def order more stuff from y’all..Ur prices r awesome will recommend u to other ppl..

  150. Mark Murphy (verified owner)

    Thanks Rebel Nation!!! My flag is on its way to me. Awesome 👍👌😎

  151. kathleen williams (verified owner)

    I am a gal from the south who now lives in the PA still my flag anywhere I may go.This flag looks real nice and for all who own be proud to fly with the USA flag Neverending Thank yous to all that served Thank you so much Rebel Nation it was well worth the wait and I highly recommend to all

  152. Shaun (verified owner)

    Great quality. The confederate flag is a part of our history, and I am a proud southerner. Slavery was a small part of the succession. The confederate battle flag will fly under ol glory over my land for as long as I’m alive. Don’t like it? COME AND TAKE IT DOWN!! You will be met with hostility! It’s not about anything but freedom! Thank you rebel nation!!!

  153. Chris (verified owner)

    Fast shipping! Maintain history! Knowing history is like making a mistake in life, learning from it, AND MOVING FORWARD! That’s why it’s called HISTORY. DUH.

  154. Brian (verified owner)

    Thank you. I fly two Confederate flags and two American flags in my truck on a daily. This flag has its right to fly high. Its part of American history and history is what makes America great. Keep them flying high brothers and sisters. Together we rise, united we stand, divided we fall.

  155. Danny Redd (verified owner)

    Great product! Gotta keep them flying and not let history go down! Thanks for keeping the supply going!!

  156. J. Sal (verified owner)

    I’m from Texas…my High School mascot is a REBEL…until all the whiny crybabies who are too scared to join the military and do something about OTHER countries trying to take their freedom… would rather hide behind their moms skirts and “protest” and loot….that’s not American….if you have something to say…go to the other countries and speak your mind, try to do that in a third world…see if you come back….this flag flew proudly over my school until the 90’s….and still does in my heart…

  157. John Abernathy (verified owner)

    Purchased in order to destroy it. Had it covered in animal feces, great flammable material.

  158. Richard (verified owner)

    Buy now before they deny you that right. Quick delivery. Reasonable price. I’m from Minnesota and these liberals make me sick. I buy things that piss people off. Thanks.

  159. Larry Thomas

    John Abernathy who wrote a review on 7/7/2020 is a whiny little fuckboy. What a pussy bitch.

  160. Stephen (verified owner)

    I never had high hopes for this flag given the price, but it didn’t even last 1 day. The threads just completely fell apart. Can’t reccomend this unfortunately.

  161. Steve (verified owner)

    Not bad. It’s ok.

  162. Beyer (verified owner)

    Glad too find somewhere that still sells these flags

  163. Joe

    Very fast shipping and the communication On when it was going to ship and when it shipped was great!! Great flags glad you can still buy them from rebel nation will buy again great people!!

  164. Debbie (verified owner)

    Great prices. Fast shipping. Superb quality. We couldn’t be happier with this purchase and will order from Rebel Nation in the future.

  165. AZ PATRIOT (verified owner)

    We received our confederate flags faster that we had though. Currently it fly’s everyday right up under my American flag out front of my house. Great prices and great service.

  166. Baub (verified owner)

    Great shipping and product.

  167. Non American

    This flag burnt real fast. I LOVED it, i need to burn more.

  168. Dave

    Works really well. Holds together nicely. It’s kind of rough but that’s to be expected. It’s really durable and nice. The print is great and pretty. Overall I would say this made a great toilet paper 👍

  169. Idaho Matt (verified owner)

    I bought one just for the sake of History.

    …make sure you buy any flags people hate because History can’t be re-written if you have proof.

    Protect Free Speech !

  170. Randy thomas

    Think about it why it flys over my land–while Obama wipes my white ass-he loves it

  171. Great flag and price (verified owner)

    Great price

  172. R (verified owner)

    Buying before the loony left woke socialists take this away, too. A vote for Dems are a vote to destroy our country.

  173. J h

    What about 2.99 each for five dozen

  174. Shorty

    It doesn’t say anywhere that this flag is made in China. I personally hate Chinese made crap.

  175. Eric (verified owner)

    Nicely made quick delivery

  176. Bruce

    Perfect for my collection of hate symbols. Fits great next to my swastika wall.

  177. Roy (verified owner)

    I got this flag in and put it up right away.
    As soon as i got it up 2 Liberal Soy Boys told me i had to take it down.
    Needless to say ots still flying high.

  178. Mobius (verified owner)

    I’ve always liked and wanted the Confederate Rebel Flag and with all the movements that are wanting to change the American way of life I thought it time to get one. This flag is part of our history that the BLM wants to destroy and totally remove. Doing my part to save a piece of history on the west coast. From one rebel to another. Thank you rebel nation.

  179. Carl (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be happier with this it looks amazing on my wall. Good quality ,very durable. Thanks Rebel Nation.

  180. Johnny Reb

    Most Americans swear allegiance to the national flag, and that’s nice and all, but I needed something to show my support for long-dead people who tried to destroy the union so they could continue to own slaves. BAM – nothing beats a confederate flag for that. THANKS REBELNATION!

  181. Gary

    Learn your history Bruce! The Confederate Flag is just that. One of many flags of the Confederacy. Has nothing to do with hate but all to do with heritage. To put it together with a swastika shows your ignorance! If you don’t like strawberry ice cream then don’t eat it but buy all means shut the heck up!

  182. Gary

    Make sure to get a African flag to go with it! They are the long dead original slave owners of their own people and then sold them to the Europeans and early America’s. Oh! Nobody wants know the truth do they!?

  183. Ryan Delsignore

    Y’all are messed up for wanting this y’all lost the war and the confederacy fought for racism segregation and slavery if you own this flag your racist BLM BLM BLM BLM BLM BLM

  184. Rosanna (verified owner)

    Beautiful flag. Well made and at a great price! Better get yours now before they banned and this is the place to do it!

  185. John W (verified owner)

    High quality all weather 3×5 nylon Confederate flags. Re-order. I love these flags and refuse to allow liberals to remove them from history. Proudly flying in WISCONSIN! Brass grommets with excellent sewing. Fantastic price, fast delivery and superbly packaged. Recommend. Buy multiples as when mine arrived my friends wanted them too so I gave a couple of these flags as gifts.

  186. Mark Smith

    Good product. Cleans shoes and pisser effectively

  187. Julien Gambs (verified owner)

    Why do people dislike the flag so much? Take some time and sit back and learn the heritage and history instead of automatically hating

  188. Dan pounds

    Unless you want us to com out in hoards and show you who runs this country. Mark my words we out number you 10 to 1.

  189. Tammy Coats

    I honor my heritage, I honor the south, and I honor my relatives who went through hell for what they believed in. We cannot let these morons take our flag away. Please guys, vote for Trump or our history will be eradicated. Dan Pounds—-That’s right!!! LOVE your post.

  190. Yvonne Provonsha (verified owner)

    This flag is a symbol of our history and heritage. So, for the sake of history and heritage, Don’t Tread On Me.

  191. Jon Miller

    This is a great nylon flag that is well made for the price. Getting hard to find this flag due to ridiculous bans. I support Rebel Nation very much for celebrating our history rather than trying to erase it. God Bless America! Nothing but 5 Stars here!

  192. Jeremy (verified owner)

    I ordered a couple of flags still haven’t recieved my order emailed them several times without a response very bad business

  193. Jaycob Moore

    I think im the only 16 yr old who loves this history and i wanna buy it before the blm community finds this site out and take it down i know they will. But any ways love this flag i can now show my rebel pride.

  194. Sam G (verified owner)

    I’ve emailed and texted that I didn’t receive my flag. I’m very disappointed that no one has contacted me. I would not recommend any one this business. Very poor service

  195. Bernd (verified owner)

    That is our * HERITAGE – HISTORY *, proud to fly it high.
    Excellent Service and Product ;

  196. Nicole (verified owner)

    It has been almost a month and they do not answer emails and the voicemail is full so you can’t leave a message. I ordered an few flags and never received them. Very bad business to deal with. You will never get anyone to respond. I have a tracking number for my order and it hasn’t moved in two weeks!!!

  197. fuck the confederates

    great flag! burnt very well. watching the traitor flag burn gave me immense joy. #uniongang

  198. BJ (verified owner)

    I have been going to order the flag for several years and just never got around to it. With everything going on decided now was the time to order. Great Flag and one I am proud to have.

  199. Crappy service, took forever to get it. Then it’s cheap made. (verified owner)

    I paid extra for fast shipping, they kept that even though they waited a month to ship ! Then it was cheap made. Wasn’t worth my time or worry. Don’t waste your time you can find better cheaper from a company that does what they say

  200. A waste of time. Don’t buy

    Spread the word. It’s a rip off

  201. D

    Quick to take your money, slow to ship but have plenty of excuses. I ordered a flag in mid June, hasn’t been shipped yet.

  202. Arthur kezar (verified owner)

    The items are exactly what I expected. It took a little while for delivery to the west coast of canada. But no longer than usual. In this time of covid 19 I honestly thought it would take longer. Rebel nation did a great job , thumbs up.

  203. denise maynard (verified owner)

    I always loved the Confederate flag it is done beautifully. Thankyou we need to have all the statue put bact that is history

  204. BIG TOE (verified owner)

    Long live the Confederate flag! General Robert E. Lee, General Jackson, and all the other Generals and leaders, followers of the the great Southern Army!

  205. Danny (verified owner)

    This flag is every bit a part of our history as the Stars and stripes and deserves the same respect thank you rebel nation for having the courage to stand your ground and continue to make this flag available

  206. E (verified owner)

    Great product!!

  207. Gary (verified owner)

    The crooked politicians took my state flag (Mississippi) without giving me a vote on it. So I took it down and replaced it with this great looking confederate flag. Thank you Rebel Nation.

  208. Janet Allen (verified owner)

    Excellent, really exceeded my expectations

  209. RC (verified owner)

    Stars & Bars are part of our history.
    My flag arrived in very good condition, albeit slow
    due to high demand. But I got it and I like it.

  210. T (verified owner)

    Yall should take more pride in your product and not send out such poor quality shit. Half steppers.

  211. Darlene (verified owner)

    Great flags!

  212. Kataounds

    Got it good quality and packaged well

  213. Jamie (verified owner)

    Love my new flag.

  214. Kyle Knittle (verified owner)

  215. Signe (verified owner)

    I still have not received my purchase.

  216. Wendy Hodge (verified owner)

  217. Susan Martin (verified owner)

  218. Sharron (verified owner)

    So, worth the cost.

  219. Rodney Reed (verified owner)

  220. Angela Dickerson (verified owner)

    I placed an order for 3 and received 2 I sent a message and still no reply

  221. Hudson C. (verified owner)

    Absolutely Amazing. Got my flag in a couple days and looks amazing. 100% recommend

  222. Adam K. (verified owner)

    I haven’t received it yet, but I’m sure I’ll love it!

  223. Archie Huskins (verified owner)

    Ten days since I ordered this and still haven’t received it

  224. Florence (verified owner)

    Love this rebel flag that represents our history. The #1 Rebel Flag Store in the USA is excellent. Can’t beat the quality and the price. This is the only company to trust!

  225. David (verified owner)

    The best!!!!!

  226. Steven Fryc (verified owner)

    Heritage not Hate.

  227. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very happy to get this so fast, been wanting to buy one for a while but with all of the controversy happening, I wanted to get it now just in case.

  228. Gina A. (verified owner)

    Very satisfied. Just what I ordered and received very fast. Very happy.
    Thank you

  229. Ernie O. (verified owner)

  230. Charlotte (verified owner)

    I’m pleased with the flag I received. Nice size, good quality material, beautiful colors.

  231. Kathy Bass (verified owner)

    Beautiful flags and would order again

  232. bryce Hedrick (verified owner)

    I haven’t received it yet

  233. Jason Shahan (verified owner)

  234. Grant Esteb (verified owner)

    I have not received by merchandise yet

  235. mike olson (verified owner)

  236. Patsi (verified owner)

  237. James (verified owner)

    Lovely flag! I recommend highly!

  238. Michael O. (verified owner)

  239. VITALI I. (verified owner)

    This flag is a real American Relic for me!

  240. Joseph (verified owner)

    They look great.

  241. Fred Keel (verified owner)

    Flag looks fantastic on the wall.

  242. Ronnie Ruff (verified owner)

    You did great!

  243. Anonymous (verified owner)

    God Bless you guys for this.

  244. Thomas Crotts (verified owner)

  245. Mark (verified owner)

  246. Suzy G. (verified owner)

  247. kathleen (verified owner)

    Item was as advertised and shipping – very fast. Would definitely shop here again!

  248. Scott Barham (verified owner)

  249. Robert DeVoss (verified owner)

  250. Anonymous (verified owner)

  251. Jodie C. (verified owner)

  252. Krysti (verified owner)

    I’m sure the products would be great if I could ever get them, get someone on the phone or even a return email for that matter. Their lack customer service is all I have found at this point.

  253. Charles Kimel (verified owner)

    I ordered two of these and only got one i have been emailing you guys with no answer i want my other flag or my money back

  254. Linda Lee (verified owner)

    Everything was perfect! Keep up the great products! Rebel strong and proud!

  255. Garrett Gough (verified owner)


  256. Anthony L. (verified owner)

  257. Robert Metzger (verified owner)

    I was happy with the product but the shipping delay was inordinate and unexpected.

  258. Jerry East (verified owner)

    Best price and service.Goinng to buy more

  259. Cory Woods (verified owner)

  260. deirdre (verified owner)

    It took almost 2 months to receive this flag and only one of two ordered was in the package with no explanation of where the other was or would be received. Will not order again from here. Flag is nice, though.

  261. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, great quality, highly recommend. Great flag!

  262. Anonymous (verified owner)

  263. Rebecca A. (verified owner)

    The only thing I would suggest is a follow up email when items ship with tracking. Other than that everything went great and the product is great!

  264. Vickie Parker (verified owner)

    Thank you so much I will order again

  265. Roger Schartung (verified owner)

  266. Greg Bumgardner (verified owner)

    Excellent flag. Very cool, plz keep selling your items. Thank you.

  267. Anonymous (verified owner)


  268. Brandy K. (verified owner)

    Great price and product!

  269. michael (verified owner)

    Great Flags!

  270. Rob G. (verified owner)

    Far price and it shipped quickly. Happy with it

  271. Daniel C. (verified owner)

    Great quality flag. Fast service.

  272. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The flag was cheap to purchase and arrived in a normal time frame. If the quality of the polyester was little bit better it would have been great. Feels amazingly thin.

  273. Anonymous (verified owner)

  274. Debra M. (verified owner)

  275. Anonymous (verified owner)

  276. Rodney (verified owner)

    Super fast service with no issues at all.

  277. James R. (verified owner)

    great flag for the price!

  278. Anonymous (verified owner)

  279. Alex T. (verified owner)

    Great flag

  280. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Based and redpilled

  281. Billy Clardy (verified owner)

  282. Richard (verified owner)

    Despite the Covid-19 situation, received the flag in just a few days. Sooner than expected. Flag is more than I expected. Colors were bright and vivid. Just what I was looking for. Material was adequate for my use.

  283. Michael Gestro (verified owner)

    I ordered this on September 25 I still have not received it do you know where it’s at

  284. Randel P. (verified owner)

    Hasn’t arrived yet. Where is it?

  285. David Moore (verified owner)

    Well I’m still waiting on mine I check the mail every day Nothing yet

  286. Travis Heathman (verified owner)

    Never received my order

  287. Corrine Thompson (verified owner)

    I’m currently still waiting for it to arrive

  288. Timothy Wright (verified owner)

    Product has not been received to review after almost 2 months after ordering

  289. david rilee (verified owner)

    I’m sure it’s nice but as of today I’ve not received mine and I’ve contacted twice via email of the situation and haven’t received a reply

  290. Carol (verified owner)

  291. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent price, product and company. Will definitely use them again if sleep joe and cameltoe Harris win and ban our American Flag! TRUMP 4 more years!

  292. Donnette Barnes (verified owner)

    Very nice flag, good quality

  293. Michael Jaynes (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and looks great

  294. George Wallace (verified owner)

    Very nice, well made flag. Looks beautiful flying in my front yard. Excellent price, too!

  295. Rodney (verified owner)


  296. Don Drew (verified owner)

    Great place to buy there products.

  297. Barbara L. (verified owner)

    Fast service, looks great, and very happy.

  298. Gerald Kight (verified owner)

  299. Frank B. (verified owner)

    straightforward transaction – item arrived quickly – would do business again – thanks —

  300. david saxon (verified owner)

    It was great on time and what I wanted will buy again

  301. Sam (verified owner)

    Great product

  302. Alexander Z. (verified owner)

    You only did send the item after a month and only because I opened a case in paypal and complained about it. I have still not received it after two months.

  303. Patricia (verified owner)

    Very pleased with your service.

  304. Sue Reid (verified owner)

    He loves it !!!!!

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