Confederate American Flag OTF Knife


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Our half and half Rebel merchandise is some of our MOST popular across the Rebel Nation website. That’s why we got more! Introducing our NEW Half and Half OTF(out-the-front) Knife. 

This OTF knife is nice and heavy, no cheapo deapo feeling knife here! Although we strongly recommend keeping this away from any children, the lever to eject the knife requires a strong hand to open (so your baby should not be able to open this knife, and if they can…well, that’s interesting to say the least…)

Did you really think we only got one? We ain’t no fools! Check out our regular Confederate OTF knife, or our higher quality OTF knives like the NEW American Flag switchblade or the Dark Rebel switchblade.

Key Features:

  • Type: OTF
  • Design: Half and Half Design
  • Comes with small sleeve for storage
  • Please use with caution!


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