Black Rebel Scarf and Beanie

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Our confederate fringed scarf and Beanie with embroidered flags, are sure to keep you warm during the winter while you show you’re southern pride. Buy the scarf for only $9.95 and the Beanie for ONLY $7.95 or SAVE and get the Scarf and Beanie Package Deal for only $13.95

Scarf Black, 12″ x 62″ with Fringe, 100% Soft  Acrylic

4 reviews for Black Rebel Scarf and Beanie

  1. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Excellent Service, great products! Would recommend. 🙂

  2. Richard Smith (verified owner)

    Quality merchandise and affordable price

  3. Cheryl Abbott (verified owner)

    LOVE the product

  4. Tim Smith (verified owner)

    I mean even though that I paid $8 and some change for the beanie I mean I never got my money back and I never received my beanie there was an option to just get the beanie I got that and didn’t get the scarf but I mean it’s whatever I’ll buy from this person again but if I don’t get my product this time I’m not going to ever buy from this person again

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