I Placed An Order With Rebel Nation

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I am blown away!!! In the middle of the day last Wednesday all hell broke lose and more people visited Rebel Nation in a couple days then we usually get in months! I can not thank our customers enough for the loyalty and patronage. I just want to be transparent with you guys and gals so you will have some information on how this affects your order. We have had over 5,000 orders over the last few days and if you have placed an order with Rebel Nation you are probably wondering, “When will I get my stuff?”  Starting today we are processing orders and we will be processing orders in the order that they came in. Once your order has been processed you will get an email and/or text notification. The bulk of all orders will start leaving our facility on Tuesday June 16th and everyday after that in mass numbers. During this week we ask for your patience as we try to ship a mind boggling 30,000 Confederate flags out to their owners. Shipping times will be slower than normal due to the mad dash of Rebels trying to get their hands on some Confederate Flags but rest assured here at Rebel Nation we are doing all we can to get everybody their merchandise in a timely manner. We are staying late and coming in early. So if you have placed an order within the last week know that we are processing orders as fast as we can. Due to us being a small local business we only have the capability of processing about 500 orders a day but are ramping up to do much more. This is all in the hands of 3 people and we will not rest until we get all of these orders out. Once again thank you for your patience!  #rebelon



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