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Half and Half Confederate Flag

  • $ 8.95

The most popular item in our Confederate Flag Store is this Half Confederate Flag and Half American Flag. For a limited time, our BEST SELLING 3 x 5 Confederate/American Flag is on sale for only $8.95 and that's with FREE SHIPPING! We also have matching Half and Half items

These durable flags are made from a long lasting poly blend w/ reinforced metal grommets will let you show off your heritage for eternity!

These 1 of a kind flags are the perfect fit for any home & family wanting to embrace their roots! 

Get your flag before this SALE ENDS! 

3 x 5 $8.95

4 x 6: $14.95

3 x 5 also available by the dozen $59.95 per dozen Shipped FREE! 


On the fence about this Half and Half Confederate Flag? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

Inventory Last Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Customer Reviews

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A patriot used the word crackers in a racists manner to describe white people I prefer to be called a saltine American lol just joking I really don't give a fuck I am just trying to figure out the symbolic meaning of this half American half Confederate flag one of my friends has this flag on there porch I didn't really want to ask them I figured it was some kind of Free Mason thing also I really don't think that a flag of any sort represents my history I never owned any slaves or anything like that I don't think my family did either and a rebel is someone who doesn't really follow the the rules I know a few black people that are rebels they call themselves gangstas or thugs or whatever same fucking thing just different words this is kinda funny l


Great quality, and great service. Thanks again!

Proud American

Good quality flags, good price, fly my Confederate flags proudly at home and on my trucks. Heritage not hate.

American Flag Code

Have you idiots never heard of the American Flag Code...as adopted by Congress? It prohibits bastardizing the American flag with theirs BS. Maybe you should educate yourself.

Wake up crackers...it isn't even the confederate flag...it's the BATTLE flag. What are you battling? (That's a rhetorical question...sorry to make you look up a word).

Gotta love people who glorify people who declared war on Our country.

A Big Hit!

I purchased this flag as an add on suprise for my Son. He wanted the Triple Threat Flag, after I showed him the one I had found for my Nephew. They arrived in less than a week. I received a Big "Thank you, I Love them. They're Perfect!" from my Son. A Big Hit!
Fast service, Great Quality & Good prices. Definitely purchasing from Rebel Nation again.

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