Pre-Labor Day Sale

Where All Our Hard Workers At?


If you haven’t seen our prices on all of our Confederate Flag gear, you’re missing out! We want EVERYBODY to have some Rebel gear in their life so we have sale prices EVERYDAY! That’s why you can get a Confederate Battle Flag for only $4.95 or a Battle Flag Bandanna for only $3.95!

But it’s Labor Day Week and you work damn hard for your money don’t ya? If you can’t save no money this week then we need to rework the system. You deserve to treat yourself or the ones you love! That’s why we’re having a Pre-Labor Day Sale! What a way to kick off Labor Day Weekend with a SPECIAL DEAL! Until tomorrow 8/29/19 save 10 of your hard working dollars instantly when you purchase $30 or more! That’s right save $10 when you purchase $30 and there’s no discount code needed! Discount automatically taken off at checkout!

But WAIT There’s MORE!

We’re gonna have another SPECIAL DEAL tomorrow too!! And trust me when we tell you! You don’t want to miss it! Make sure you sign up for our newsletter! So you can be in the know when we announce our next CRAZY DEAL TOMORROW! Until then…God Bless you and yours and #REBELON

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Even More $5 Confederate Flags

You Darn Right We Added MORE FLAGS!!!!

Over the last weekend we had several of our 3′ x 5′ Confederate Flags in our store at a amazing price of only $5 each! It was such a big hit we decided to add EVEN MORE FLAGS and EXTEND our Rebel Flag Sale ALL WEEK LONG or until we run our of stock…whichever comes first! So take advantage and choose from almost 3 dozen Confederate Flags for only $5 each. Even some of our all time best sellers like our Heritage Not Hate Confederate Flag, Confederate Battle Flag and our I A’int Comin Down Flag have reduced to only 5 bucks!

Fall is approaching and it’s time to get your home holiday ready with a wide assortment of Confederate Flag Merchandise for your home. Several items in our For The Rebel Home Collection are 25% off our already low prices! No Discount Codes are needed! Just add these items to your cart and the discount will be applied! Maybe you need a Rebel Pride Picture Frame for that family photo, a set of Confederate Flag Golf Balls for Dad or Confederate Flag Baby Blanket for the next baby shower. Click HERE to see everything on sale!

How to Get a Free Confederate Battle Flag W/Purchase of 3 Hats

Confederate Rebel Flag

We’ve got a Rebel Nation Special Deal going on right now! Purchase 3 regularly priced caps, hats or beanies and get a 3′ x 5′ poly Confederate Battle Flag FREE! A few customers have purchased 3 hats and not put the flag in the cart as well. Don’t worry…they’ll definitely be getting their flags but we wanted to explain exactly how the offer works with these easy to follow step by step instructions! Follow this to the sweet T and you’ll be sure to get your FREE Confederate Flag.

1. The 1st thing you want to do is put your???? Confederate Battle Flag ???? in your cart.

Confederate Flag Free Flag Sale

2. Once you’ve done Step 1 you’ll need to start shopping for hats! All you have to do is choose 3 hats and add them to your cart. the hats right here Find 3 hats hats you like and add them to your cart.

Our 1ST Free Cart Friday Giveaway

Want some FREE Confederate Flag Merchandise

We love giving back and what better way than to give one of our awesome customers some FREE Confederate Flag Merchandise. It’s really simple to enter our Free Cart Friday Giveaway! All you have to do is go to our website and put your favorite items into your shopping cart. You can put as many items into your cart as you want! On Friday 2/8/2019 we will go live on our Facebook Page at 7pm CST and we will announce our LUCKY WINNER. Good luck and Rebel On!

Follow these SIMPLE instructions and you might be a WINNER!

???? ???? ????????????????????????????????????????????????

1. Put YOUR favorite item(s) on our website into YOUR cart????

Maybe it’s ???? thing. Maybe it’s ???? we don’t care????????‍♂️ just have something in your cart!

2. Tomorrow we will look at all the abandoned carts we have from 2/7/19 thru 2/8/19. And at 7pm CST we will go live on our Rebel Nation Facebook page and we’ll give a random person their shopping cart ABSOLUTELY FREE! YES……We’ll ship it FREE TOO!????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Have YOU entered yet?

If you get confused shoot us a message at

Check Out Our New Products!

Time to let the cat out of the Rebel Bag because Rebel Nation is introducing six Brand New Confederate Flag Shirts to our store and guess what?!? They’re ALL 50% OFF!!!! You dang skippy! No coupon code needed or hoops to jump through! Our first batch has Limited Quantities and Sizes so HURRY before they’re gone! One, two perhaps you should get more because these bad boys won’t last long! After you’re done shopping check out our snazzy new YouTube video and comment with a big YEE-YEE! As as always Rebel On Rebel Nation!

 3 Days…3 Coupon Codes…3 Deals!
Get additional SAVINGS with these COUPON CODES that work on ALL SHIRTS!
“GET10” for 10% off ANY SHIRT
“GET15” for 15% off ANY 2 SHIRTS
“GET20” for 20% off ANY 3 SHIRTS

Deal Ends 1/19/19 11:59pm CST

We have the BEST Customers EVER!!!!

Rebel Nation

2018 Was Great Because of YOU!

2018 was a great year here at Rebel Nation! We moved to our first warehouse and then months later we had to move to an even bigger location to accommodate demand. Not only did over 110,000 Rebels from all over the world visit our website in 2018 but we shipped over 11,000 orders to the Dixie Land and beyond. We couldn’t have done it without all our Confederate Brothers and Sisters! We are honored to be able to say that this year we have shipped some of our Best Selling Confederate Flag Gear to Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland and Spain just to name a few countries. Proof that “The Rebel Nation” spans every corner of the globe! Here’s our top 10 states that ordered from us this year. Will your state make the Top Ten List?

Honorable Mentions: Missouri, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama

10. Indiana

We’re sure there’s something in Indiana. It could be corn but we’re not sure. Either way these Indianans came out in full force to get their rebel Gear!

9. California

Breaks into our top ten list for the 1st time. Maybe there’s some beautiful Confederate Flags flying over huge mansions in Beverly Hills!

8: Illinois and New York

These 2 states tied with the same amount of orders. Illinois has some fantastic people in that state. A question for the New York folks. Is milk really like $10 a gallon?

7. Virginia

Did you know we have the Virginia Confederate Battle Flags and Lapel Pins? 

6. Tennessee

We would like to volunteer and show you some awesome Tennessee Confederate Merchandise!

5: Georgia and Ohio: Neck and neck they are. Georgia is my home state so I’m biased but dangit Ohio really showed out this year. Sad to say we don’t have any Ohio Merch yet but there’s a few Georgia Confederate Items

4: Pennsylvania: Another 1st timer on our Top Ten List. We’ll gladly trade you a Confederate Flag for a Philly Cheesesteak! Yum Yum!

3: North Carolina: If it wasn’t for you guys the plane would have never been invented! North Carolina Confederate Merchandise.

2: Florida: Although I am jealous of your weather you’re up several spots this year The Sunshine state represented! You guys did awesome but #1 is a ways off. Florida Confederate Merchandise

1. Texas: They say they do everything bigger in Texas and it looks like its true. Texas had almost twice the amount of customers as the next 5 states combined! We have several Texas Confederate items including flags and pin

So What’s Next For Rebel Nation?
We always strive to be The #1 Place for Everything Rebel. We’ve always prided ourselves in having great merchandise at fantastic prices and since 2015 we have not increased our prices. But 2019 is bringing new challenges. Many of our Suppliers started raising prices January 1, 2019 because of new tariffs. Some items could possibly go up 20%. Also The United States Post Office postal rates will also be increasing and will be going into affect on January 27, 2019.
So What Does That Mean
It simply means that we will be evaluating all of our products to see if it makes sense to carry items after the added increases. We refuse to pay outlandish prices because we don’t want our valued customers to pay outlandish prices. So some things will stay and some will go. We will be systemically discontinuing merchandise in the coming weeks to make room for our next expansion. So don’t be alarmed if you’ve seen your favorite item you’ve been eyeballing and all of a sudden it has disappeared. That’s the crazy thing about Rebel Flag Merchandise. It cycles in and out and suppliers discontinue items without warning. Sometimes even our most popular items.  This is not a scare tactic by any means but every week we answers questions about items we no longer offer and we regretfully have to inform customers that the merchandise isn’t made anymore. So keep that in mind when browsing our store.
We have huge plans for 2019!
We already sell some Confederate Flag Shirts We are putting the final touches on our new apparel line. What’s that mean? It means that you will find one of a kind rebel shirts, hats, hoodies and other clothing items that we GUARANTEE you won’t find anywhere else. We’ll have some bold Confederate Flag designs but also some more discreet gear as well. Because you may want to wear a shirt or a hat to school or your place of employment and maybe you don’t want a huge heat pressed Rebel flag plastered all over your chest. Maybe you like shirts made with softer materials and different cuts for men and women. This endeavor has has been over a year in the making and we promise when we launch it will be spectacular.
We Couldn’t  Do It Without YOU!
Rebel Nation is a family owned American Business. We will continue our tradition of offering great Confederate and Rebel Merchandise to fit every budget. Whether it’s a $4.95 Confederate Battle Flag or our unbelievable deals on over 500 other Rebel Flag Items! We want to sincerely thank all of our repeat customers who have ordered from us time after time and the customers who have only ordered once. We definitely want to thank all of you on social media that like, share and comment on our posts. We deal with a lot of censorship from social media because I guess they feel like that can censor our beautiful Rebel Flag but that doesn’t stop us and never will. We have been censored since early 2016 but it still won’t stop us!
So please help this small business out. We don’t have huge advertising budgets like big box stores so we depend on The Rebel Nation to help us spread the word! So please tell your friends, neighbors and coworkers about us. So here’s to a new year ahead. Our wish for you? To have the most amazing year ever! Thanks for your business and your time.
A business that makes nothing but money is not a profitable business. ~Henry Ford