The Flag That’s Breaking TikTok and Facebook

USA Confederate Reveal Flag

Introducing the USA Rebel Reveal Flag!

This flag is one hot commodity right now! Don’t just take it from us! Take it from the many Rebels getting their hands on ’em!

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We have had over 50 of these flags alone go out just in the last 24 hours! This is one of our newer Rebel Flags available at Rebel Nation in a perfect 3′ x 5′ size. Great for hanging around the home to complete that Rebel Hideout or puttin’ in the yard for all to see!
If we were you, we’d get ’em while you can because here at Rebel Nation, you never know when it’ll be the last time you see a Rebel Classic.

Grab 1 or 2 or 3, or heck! Get a whole dozen if you please and stock em up all for yourself! (Don’t worry, we won’t tell.)

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USA Confederate Reveal Flag

Winter Storm Update

Winter Storm Update

Inclement Weather and Shipping Delays

The National weather service has released winter storm updates due to weather conditions across certain areas. Some of these include, but are not limited to: Winter Storm warnings, Hard Freeze warnings and more.  Postal offices may be temporarily suspended due to this severe weather. There will also be additional disruptions in the air network expected due to severe winter conditions affecting certain hubs.  Although your location may not be impacted by adverse weather, the movement of packages in the network may be delayed by conditions in other areas. Please keep this in mind as this may have an effect on delivery times and cause shipping to take longer than normal.

Below are the shipping services and their delay announcements:


USPS (United States Postal Service)

All operations at the following post offices are temporarily suspended due to road closures and power outages. This list only includes the most recent announcements and does not include all temporary suspensions. To view a full list, click here.


  • Bell City Post Office, 25233 Walnut St, Bell City, 63735
  • Bixby Post Office, 2573 State Route 32, Bixby, 65439
  • Boss Post Office, 22333 E Highway 32, Boss, 65440
  • Bunker Post Office, 400 Oak St, Bunker, 63629
  • Centerville Post Office, 2312 Green St, Centerville, 63633
  • Frederick N Weathers Post Office, 3415 N Kingshighway Blvd, Saint Louis, 63115
  • Goodman Post Office, 103 W Splitlog St, Goodman, 64843
  • Jadwin Post Office, 9326 Highway K, Jadwin, 65501
  • Lockwood Post Office, 800 Main St, Lockwood, 65682
  • Millersville Post Office, 120 County Road 482, Millersville, 63766
  • Mokane Post Office, 212 Fulton Ave, Mokane, 65059
  • Morley Post Office, 104 N Harding St, Morley, 63767
  • Morse Mill Post Office, 8415 State Road EE, Morse Mill, 63066
  • Perkins Post Office, 622 Highway P, Perkins, 63774
  • Saint Mary Post Office, 17410 Bartels Industrial Dr, Saint Mary, 63673
  • Whitewater Post Office, 8742 State Highway A, Whitewater, 63785


  • Annapolis Post Office, 7047 E 2000th Ave, Annapolis, 62413
  • Arthur Post Office, 315 S Vine St Ste 2, Arthur, 61911
  • Broadlands Post Office, 107 E Diller St, Broadlands, 61816
  • Broughton Post Office, 211 Dawes St, Broughton, 62817
  • Cerro Gordo Post Office, 313 E South St, Cerro Gordo, 61818
  • Chrisman Post Office, 210 W Madison Ave, Chrisman, 61924
  • Clay City Post Office, 332 S Main St, Clay City, 62824
  • Cypress Post Office, 7824 Main St, Cypress, 62923
  • Downtown Urbana Post Office, 202 S Broadway Ave Ste 1, Urbana, 61801
  • Du Bois Post Office, 75 W Broadway St, Du Bois, 62831
  • Eddyville Post Office, 110 Main St, Eddyville, 62928
  • Flat Rock Post Office, 201 W 2nd St, Flat Rock, 62427
  • Foosland Post Office, 202 2nd St, Foosland, 61845
  • Gifford Post Office, 213 S Main St, Gifford, 61847
  • Golconda Post Office, 202 W Main St, Golconda, 62938
  • Greenup Post Office, 125 E Cumberland St, Greenup, 62428
  • Hidalgo Post Office, 117 E Harrison St, Hidalgo, 62432
  • Hoffman Post Office, 101 S Broadway, Hoffman, 62250
  • Humboldt Post Office, 407 Elm St, Humboldt, 61931
  • Hutsonville Post Office, 114 S Main St, Hutsonville, 62433
  • Indianola Post Office, 2 N Vermilion St, Indianola, 61850
  • Ingraham Post Office, 5253 Old Ingraham Rd, Ingraham, 62434
  • Irvington Post Office, 108 N 2nd St, Irvington, 62848
  • Lovington Post Office, 101 E State St, Lovington, 61937
  • Melvin Post Office, 104 E Main St, Melvin, 60952
  • Mounds Post Office, 110 N Front St, Mounds, 62964
  • Neoga Post Office, 256 E 6th St, Neoga, 62447
  • New Burnside Post Office, 20 W 2nd St, New Burnside, 62967
  • Oakwood Post Office, 110 S Scott St, Oakwood, 61858
  • Ozark Post Office, 495 Ozark Rd, Ozark, 62972
  • Palestine Post Office, 107 W Market St, Palestine, 62451
  • Potomac Post Office, 107 W State St, Potomac, 61865
  • Raleigh Post Office, 16 E Church St, Raleigh, 62977
  • Richview Post Office, 218 S Shannon Ave, Richview, 62877
  • Ridge Farm Post Office, 10 W Woodyard Ave, Ridge Farm, 61870
  • Roberts Post Office, 110 E Green St, Roberts, 60962
  • Sadorus Post Office, 123 E Market St, Sadorus, 61872
  • Sandoval Post Office, 308 N Main St, Sandoval, 62882
  • Saybrook Post Office, 209 W Lincoln St, Saybrook, 61770
  • Shobonier Post Office, 9998 Blackman Addition, Shobonier, 62885
  • Sibley Post Office, 115 S Sciota St, Sibley, 61773
  • Sidell Post Office, 201 E Market St, Sidell, 61876
  • Sigel Post Office, 102 E Louis St, Sigel, 62462
  • Sims Post Office, 601a S Railroad St, Sims, 62886
  • Southwest Post Office, 1760 Wabash Ave, Springfield, 62704
  • Strasburg Post Office, 106 E Commercial St, Strasburg, 62465
  • Thawville Post Office, 106 W Main St, Thawville, 60968
  • Trilla Post Office, 102 W Trilla Rd, Trilla, 62469
  • Vernon Post Office, 200 N Race St, Vernon, 62892
  • Villa Ridge Post Office, 2926 Old Villa Ridge Rd, Villa Ridge, 62996
  • Walnut Hill Post Office, 61 Harrison St, Walnut Hill, 62893
  • West York Post Office, 21962 N 1470th St, West York, 62478


  • Bunker Hill Post Office, 150 E Broadway, Bunker Hill, 46914
  • Burrows Post Office, 1010 Burrows Rd, Burrows, 46916
  • Delong Post Office, 9067 Olson Rd, Delong, 46922
  • Denver Post Office, 120 W Harrison St, Denver, 46926
  • Dunreith Post Office, 205 Washington St, Dunreith, 47337
  • Fair Oaks Post Office, 4250 Kent St, Fair Oaks, 47943
  • Friendship Post Office, 5918 E Main St, Friendship, 47021
  • Leiters Ford Post Office, 4510 School St, Leiters Ford, 46945
  • Lewisville Post Office, 116 W Main St, Lewisville, 47352
  • Mexico Post Office, 3969 N Mexico Rd, Mexico, 46958
  • Monterey Post Office, 6194 E Main St Ste B, Monterey, 46960
  • Patriot Post Office, 2797 Main St, Patriot, 47038
  • Pierceville Post Office, 4499 E State Route 350, Pierceville, 47039
  • Romney Post Office, 11440 Us Highway 231 S, Romney, 47981
  • Star City Post Office, 5800 S Judson St, Star City, 46985

View the USPS site here.


UPS (United Parcel Service)

Service Impacted by U.S. Winter Storm

“UPS services across the Midwest, and parts of the South and Northeast, have been impacted by severe weather. While most UPS facilities are providing pickup and delivery services as conditions permit, some delays are possible.”

View the UPS page here.



“Winter Storm Landon has caused service disruptions that continue to affect FedEx operations across the Central United States. The storm has created potentially hazardous operating conditions and the safety of our team members remains our number one priority. Contingency plans are in place, and we are prepared to provide the best possible service as local conditions allow.”

View their page here.

Shipping Announcement November 2021

Shipping Boxes

🚨 Shipping Announcement 🚨

A USPS Shipping announcement has been made suspending shipping to select locations.  Here at Rebel Nation, we do our very best to get orders out to everyone around the world in a timely fashion.  Starting November 18, 2021, we will be no longer be able to ship to the following locations linked below until further notice.  We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope to serve you again soon!

Shipping Notification


Click here for more details on the USPS site.



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Rebel Nation December 10 2021 Holiday Shipping Deadline!

Confederate Flag Store Shipping Deadlines Rebel Nation

In the picture below you can see a Rebel Nation Shipping Container on the water. Start from the left. Go over 12 rows. Now do you see the half green and half red container and why is that important? Because if you don’t order soon your gifts could be stuck on that container!

We’ve got tons of Confederate Flag products at sea! With the backlog at all the shipping ports worldwide it has started becoming difficult to get incoming shipments into our warehouse. We are strongly urging everyone to shop early as it is forecasted that there will be big problems this holiday season. We are already starting to see problems start to arrive. As always we are dedicated to getting your Confederate Flag gifts to you as soon as possible. But please please don’t procrastinate because our stock levels are dwindling fast and alot of our hot items will not be resupplied before Christmas! Get your gifts now and save yourself a big headache later on. We have some important information that can help make the order process easier for you!

Containers wait to be loaded at the Long Beach port as cargo ships sit idle in the distance on 16 October.

Want to know what it’s like at the shipping ports. Check out this article about dockworker’s being overwhelmed at the port HERE

Shipping and Delivery Overview

***Holiday 2021 Shipping/Delivery Notice

Carriers across the US are already reporting delivery delays with the anticipation that delays will likely increase through the end of the year. Please plan accordingly for the 2021 holiday season to ensure your packages arrive by your desired date and time. To ensure that orders shipping via standard flat rate will arrive by December 25, we recommend placing your order no later than December 10th


Tracking of Orders

Once your order has been placed, you’ll first receive an order confirmation email. A shipment notification email with tracking information will follow. You can also check the status of your order by logging into your account here.

Tips and Tricks for Order Tracking From Some of Our Carriers:

If your order shipped via UPS you can also enroll in UPS My Choice. This free service will proactively send you delivery alerts updating you on the day and time of your delivery. Plus, you can reroute your orders to another location, leave instructions for the driver or schedule a re-delivery, giving you additional control over your deliveries.

If your order shipped via USPS, you can also enroll in USPS Informed Delivery. This free service will proactively send you delivery alerts updating you on the day and time of your delivery. Plus, you can reroute your orders to another location, leave instructions for the driver or schedule a redelivery, giving you additional control over your deliveries.

Trying to find your delivered package? Sorry! This happens sometimes. Please check your front porch, side door, back porch, garage area, bushes, and mailbox to make sure it’s not hiding or jammed. Also ask your neighbors if they may have received it for you. If you live in an apartment check the apartment office or the parcel locker (apartment management will be able to show the parcel locker) If your package still hasn’t turned up please contact the carrier directly to get the most accurate and up-to-date information. If you have taken these steps and your package still has not turned up, contact us. We are here and happy to help!





We’re Having A Contest!!!

Contest Cover BP

Contest Announcement:

🚨The Rebel Yell Contest is HERE🚨

It’s our 1st Annual REBEL YELL Facebook Contest! Show us your best Rebel Yell and be entered to WIN our HUGE Rebel Flag Ghost Knife! And as a BONUS for the next 48 hours use the code “GHOSTME” and get 20% of this beautiful knife! Wanna enter? Here’s how!👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

1️⃣. ❤️ our Facebook Contest Post

2️⃣.  🎥 Comment with a video on CONTEST POST with your BEST Rebel Yell (grab the family and the fur babies👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🐕🐈

3️⃣.  🗣 Share CONTEST POST with your friends


When you 🏷🏷🏷Friends in the Comments!!!

We will draw the winner on 3/14/21 @ 7 P.m. Central time!! Good luck and #rebelon

Contest Post-

Rebel Yell Example

Rebel Flag Ghost Knife


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The Pandemic Tried To Kick Our Ass! But We’re Back And Better Than Ever!

Confederate Flag Hotline at Rebel Nation

Let’s Just Be Honest

Here at Rebel Nation we’ve always been transparent about how we run our business. I’ll be the 1st to say that the pandemic made things topsy turvy for a while. Back in Summer of 2020 we were flooded with over 20,000 orders in just a couple weeks! Then all of a sudden some manufacturers got scared and didn’t want to make Confederate Merchandise anymore. Everybody was afraid they were banning The Rebel Flag. Then we were told we were being shut down because we sold the Rebel Flag! So we had to build another website. All of that all at once was a major headache! Which made things crazy! I took personal disappointment in knowing I wasn’t going to be able to ship some orders. We made a lot of good customers mad as hell at us! I would have cussed me out if I was a customer too!

So Whose Fault Is It?

Whose fault was it? Mine…and I take full responsibility for that! So do “I” deserve bad reviews? You damn right I do and we’re leaving the bad online reviews up! Why hide your failures? We dropped the ball! We weren’t ready and that blame falls on me. So to all my customers who may have had issues please accept my deepest apology. My goal as a business owner has always been simple. Good prices…..with no coupon gimmicks on marked up merchandise. Good customer service….keeping the customer informed through the transaction process. And last but not least SUPER FAST shipping…if we got time to pack your order before the mail truck comes….LET’S DO IT! Many of our long time customers over the past 6 years know that we aren’t to fond of delays and I’ve always said, “Once the order is placed, we have their money so let’s ship their order out ASAP!” If we can do it same day…that’s the ultimate goal!

So How Are Orders Now?

So you may be wondering how things are at Rebel Nation going now? We’re back on track with dang near every order going out the same day or next! We’re adding new Rebel products weekly and we’ve enhanced our customer service experience. We have upgraded our text hotline so you can call or text if you have a question BEFORE or AFTER the sale! We’re committed to being better than ever! And if we do bad we’re going to OWN IT and let everyone see! And if we have done good we’d also like to hear from you and would appreciate an honest review on Google. We’ve been working hard for months after the Pandemic to get back on track and we’re sure that you’re going to love the service you can only get at Rebel Nation…The #1 Shop For Everything Rebel! Thanks for all your support, patience and love! I love you ALL!  #RebelOn

To Google Review:

Call or Text The Rebel Hotline: 918-984-8379