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Rebel Nation Shipping Delays

The past few weeks have been nothing short of mind boggling. We started out with Covid and the rush for Confederate bandannas and went right into NASCAR banning the Rebel flag from its tracks, Confederate monuments being defaced and torn down and now Ole Miss University changing the flag!   Here at Rebel Nation for the past 3 weeks it's been the craziest thing you've ever seen. There has been a mad dash for thousands of Rebels all over the world to get their hands on Confederate merchandise. Almost 10,000 orders in the last 3 weeks alone! This has tremendously affected the speed...

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I Placed An Order With Rebel Nation

I am blown away!!! In the middle of the day last Wednesday all hell broke lose and more people visited Rebel Nation in a couple days then we usually get in months! I can not thank our customers enough for the loyalty and patronage. I just want to be transparent with you guys and gals so you will have some information on how this affects your order. We have had over 5,000 orders over the last few days and if you have placed an order with Rebel Nation you are probably wondering, "When will I get my stuff?"  Starting today we are processing orders and...

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Why Are Confederate Flag Belt Buckles So High Everywhere Else?

I was so excited to to announce the new belt buckles. I will say it was bittersweet though. ask? Well I take pleasure in bringing you the same products as our competitors but at a better value but to know that these same buckles go for $15 to $25 at other online stores and flea markets kinda set me back some. For example if a belt buckle is $15 and it's 25% off that belt buckle will now be $11.25. I might just have a G.E.D. but me thinks that $11.25 is greater than $8.95! Yeah...what a sale right? See I don't play games with fake sales or...

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Rebel Flags This Inexpensive, But Why?

As the owner of Rebel Nation I've always looked at the Rebel Flag business differently. Being unfortunate many times in my life I know the feeling of wanting something you love but it being just out of reach. Making $10 bucks an hour waiting for the water pump, personal illness or appliance failure to completely turn my world upside down. Who has time to think about buying anything for myself when something has to go...cell phone or electricity! When you work a job that barely supplies your needs our wants always get put back on the back burner. So when I started...

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How Dixie Is Your State

Did you know that Rebel Nation has a Top 10 List?Every year we keep track of how many Rebel Flag customer orders we have from each state in the country. Shipping thousands of Confederate Flag orders a year can get tiresome so to have fun when we're printing your orders we always keep a running tally of how each state is doing. Only time will tell! Has your Dixie state made the cut? Here's a breakdown of how y'all rednecks are doing so far! Check our our new Confederate States Of America CollectionWhose gonna take the title of The Most Rebel State In Country?#   ...

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