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Rebel Flags This Inexpensive, But Why?

As the owner of Rebel Nation I've always looked at the Rebel Flag business differently. Being unfortunate many times in my life I know the feeling of wanting something you love but it being just out of reach. Making $10 bucks an hour waiting for the water pump, personal illness or appliance failure to completely turn my world upside down. Who has time to think about buying anything for myself when something has to go...cell phone or electricity! When you work a job that barely supplies your needs our wants always get put back on the back burner. So when I started...

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How Dixie Is Your State

Did you know that Rebel Nation has a Top 10 List?Every year we keep track of how many Rebel Flag customer orders we have from each state in the country. Shipping thousands of Confederate Flag orders a year can get tiresome so to have fun when we're printing your orders we always keep a running tally of how each state is doing. Only time will tell! Has your Dixie state made the cut? Here's a breakdown of how y'all rednecks are doing so far! Check our our new Confederate States Of America CollectionWhose gonna take the title of The Most Rebel State In Country?#   ...

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Rebel Flag Flash Sale

Why wait for the Christmas rush when you can take 20% off our sale prices on EVERYTHING in our store right now! Nothing is excluded and no codes are needed! Just Grab and Go! Grab some Rebel Flag Comforters, load up on our soft Confederate Flag Blankets or get 100 Dixie bumper stickers for those Christmas stockings. Have a safe and Happy Halloween! #rebelon Rebel Comforter Set with Shams $59.95 Buy Now Confederate Polar Fleece Throw Blanket $14.95 Buy Now Rebel Oversized Queen Fur Blanket $49.95 Buy Now Confederate Rebel Flag Sheet Sets $29.95 Buy Now Rebel Cashmere Fleece Throw Blanket $24.95 Buy...

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Today Our Confederate Hearts Were Hurt

  Dear Rebel Nation  Since day one we have always been transparent. We do everything in our power to give our customers the best possible experience when shopping at Rebel Nation. Do we mess up occasionally? Yes we do! Are there things we need to work on? Absolutely!! If we provide bad service I personally believe that we should own up to it. Who cares if we are a small business with 2 people who do 98% of the work. That’s not an excuse!  But here at Rebel Nation we have never erased reviews and we aren’t going to start...

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Confederate Flag Comforters Back In Stock

Well folks Fall is finally here and at Rebel Nation we're getting ready for the Holiday season. We have GREAT news!! Our Confederate Flag Queen Size Comforters are back in stock. Every year we purchase more and more Confederate Flag Bedding but it seems the suppliers can't keep up with The Rebel Nation demand.  For example the Queen Size Comforters have been out of stock since early this summer and we recently got the Rebel Flag Queen Size Sheets back in stock as well! So if you're trying to get that bedroom Rebel Ready don't wait too long. Some of our popular...

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