Why Are Confederate Flag Belt Buckles So High Everywhere Else?

I was so excited to to announce the new Confederate Flag belt buckles. I will say it was bittersweet though. Why…you ask? Well I take pleasure in bringing you the same products as our competitors but at a better value but to know that these same confederate flag belt buckles go for $15 to $25 at other online stores and flea markets kinda set me back some. For example if a belt buckle is $15 and it’s 25% off that belt buckle will now be $11.25. I might just have a G.E.D. but me thinks that $11.25 is greater than $8.95! Yeah…what a sale right? See I don’t play games with fake sales or gimmicks. Just good products at affordable prices. I don’t know about you but I’m always trying to stretch a dollar so it makes me feel good when I know that MORE people can afford to purchase items they have always wanted! All I want to do is spread a little Rebel Pride. So I’d appreciate if you tell your friends about the deals here at Rebel Nation and I encourage you to compare us to the others. I appreciate the thousands of Rebels that shop with us. You are the reason why I do this. Rebel Nation might not make me a millionaire but it will make a million smiles. And that’s what I was put on this planet to do.  So thank you for allowing me the opportunity to fulfill my destiny. I love you, stay safe and Rebel On!



Rebel Flags This Inexpensive, But Why?

Confederate Flags

As the owner of Rebel Nation I’ve always looked at the Rebel Flag business differently. Being unfortunate many times in my life I know the feeling of wanting something you love but it being just out of reach. Making $10 bucks an hour waiting for the water pump, personal illness or appliance failure to completely turn my world upside down. Who has time to think about buying anything for myself when something has to go…cell phone or electricity! When you work a job that barely supplies your needs our wants always get put back on the back burner. So when I started Rebel Nation I wanted the main goal to not be about money. Why do only a select few deserve to have a Rebel Flag hanging above their headboard? Why shouldn’t a mom who does nothing but put her needs aside all year long not deserve a Rebel Flag Baby Blanket for new baby? He works 60+ hours a week providing for his family and he cant take his wife out in a new Rebel Flag Ball Cap? Those are the reasons why I do business this way and offer our merchandise at the absolute best value possible. It’s true, we have some of the exact same Rebel Flag Merchandise that all of our competitors have. It’s no secret. I just prefer knowing that regardless whether I ever become rich that when I die I know that hundreds of thousands of Rebel Flags are flying all over the world many to whom never thought they would be able to find or afford one! I will never apologize for not charging an arm and a leg for our merchandise and maybe it’s not the best way to do business in some folks eyes but like Henry ford said. “A business that only makes money is not a profitable business!” So hopefully you like how we do business, I would hope that we have earned or can earn your recommendation to a friend or family member. I would also ask that you save our two email addresses in your email box

  • info@rebelnationok.com
  • terrie@rebelnationok.com

so you make sure not to miss any specials or promotions. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram because as the days go by I’m going to start doing my normal crazy shenanigans. Most of the things I do are spontaneous. Like the Rebel Flag Cowboy Hat Giveaway we did a couple days ago or the Current Contest we’re doing at this very moment! I appreciate everything you do to help spread the joy. Every visit to our online store means so much to me so I thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to put smiles on peoples faces.  I hope you have a fantastic weekend and #REBELON

Love Barry


How Dixie Is Your State

Did you know that Rebel Nation has a Top 10 Dixie List?

Every year we keep track of how many Rebel Flag customer orders we have from each state in the country. Shipping thousands of Confederate Flag orders a year can get tiresome so to have fun when we’re printing your orders we always keep a running tally of how each state is doing. Only time will tell! Has your Dixie state made the cut? Here’s a breakdown of how y’all rednecks are doing so far! Check our our new Confederate States Of America Collection

Whose gonna take the title of The Most Rebel State In Country?

#    State              Orders
1. Texas                 569
2. Florida               532
3. North Carolina  442
4. Tennessee         311
5. Georgia              307
6. Virginia              299
7. Ohio                   282
8. Pennsylvania    266
9. Illinois                241
10. Missouri           231

Honorable Mentions

California  211 #9 to #11
Alabama   192  #16 to #13
Louisiana 192  #14 to #12
Indiana     182  #10 to #14
Kentucky 182   #17 to #15

Texas keeps its #1 crown for the 2nd year in a row.
Florida and North Carolina keep they’re same #2 and #3 spots from last year. (so far)
Pennsylvania drops from #4 to #8 Tennessee moves up from #6 to #4.
Georgia holds on to the #5 spot for 2nd year in a row.
Ohio shared #5 last year but drops to #7
Illinois drops from #8 to #9
Missouri cracks the Top 10 at the #10 spot kicking Indiana off the list!

 Check our our new Confederate States Of America Collection

Today Our Confederate Hearts Were Hurt

Hurt BP

Today our Confederate Hearts were hurt.

Since day one we have always been transparent. We do everything in our power to give our customers the best possible experience when shopping at Rebel Nation. Do we mess up occasionally? Yes we do! Are there things we need to work on? Absolutely!! If we provide bad service I personally believe that we should own up to it. Who cares if we are a small business with 2 people who do 98% of the work. That’s not an excuse! 

But here at Rebel Nation we have never erased reviews and we aren’t going to start now. My only wish is that this 1 star review on our CSA Bumper Confederate Flag Bumper Sticker

It was actually from a customer who actually purchased it! When I see people who work really hard for us, packing orders, unloading trucks and working weekends it really upsets me that some twerp would want to get his jollies off making false reviews because his step-parents left him home unsupervised. 

In closing, I have personally lived my life making a point not to ask anyone for anything. I was blessed with an able body to provide for myself and there is seldom an hour of the day that I am not working on making Rebel Nation better than the day before. But today I am going to ask a favor from my Rebel Nation family. 

If you have purchased Confederate Flag, Rebel Flag Hat or any other an item from us and you haven’t reviewed it I would politely ask that you do so. Even if I sucked and pissed you off. It happened so I deserve whatever comes. But if you were pleased with us, our products and see that we are just average everyday people just trying to make a positive difference and you have anything positive to review we will take your honesty there too. When I started this business I just wanted to give average everyday people who loved the Rebel flag a place where they could get merchandise at an affordable price where they didn’t have to worry about getting ripped off or scammed. Because life is about more than making money. 

So thanks for listening. Sorry for ranting but this hurt in a way I haven’t experienced before. But we’re going to leave this on a positive note. Whoever is reading this. I hope that today is filled with the greatest blessings for you. Have the most wonderful day EVER and #rebelon

Sincerely Yours 


Confederate Flag Comforters Back In Stock

Well folks Fall is finally here and at Rebel Nation we’re getting ready for the Holiday season. We have GREAT news!! Our Confederate Flag Queen Size Comforters are back in stock. Every year we purchase more and more Confederate Flag Bedding but it seems the suppliers can’t keep up with The Rebel Nation demand. Rebel Nation Rebel Comforter Set with Shams For Sale $64.95

For example the Queen Size Comforters have been out of stock since early this summer and we recently got the Rebel Flag Queen Size SheetsConfederate Rebel Flag Sheet Sets back in stock as well! So if you’re trying to get that bedroom Rebel Ready don’t wait too long. Some of our popular Home Decor Items that get low as the holidays approach are our Confederate Flag BlanketsRebel Flag Oversized Queen Fur Blanket, Bathroom AccessoriesRebel Towel Sets Rebel Nation and our assortment of Rebel Flag Christmas gearConfederate Rebel Flag Christmas Ornaments

Our newsletter has already been sent out to over 5,000 customers so there’s no telling how long we’ll keep them in stock. Every year we have customers asking how long they will be in stock. To answer that question we just inform customers that we service both retail and wholesale customers so your guess is as good as ours! 

Like every year we are going to provide the best possible Southern merchandise at the best value. Because our whole goal is to have more folks have more Rebel Flag gear in their lives! Whether its our Confederate Battle FlagConfederate Rebel Battle Flag 3x5 that are on sale EVERYDAY for only $4.95 to our wide assortment of Rebel Pins, Stickers and Patches you’ll know you’re dollar will stretch farther at Rebel Nation

We appreciate each and every one of you. Don’t forget to join us on our Facebook and Instagram to find out about our new products, sales and other awesome information. Have a great day and REBEL ON! #rebelon

Your Truly 


Confederate Flag Labor Day Sale 

Labor Day BP

Buy More, Save More with this automatic 20% discount off EVERYTHING on our site for Labor day!  Even some of our all time best sellers like our Half and Half Confederate FlagThe Confederate Battle Flag and our Confederate Flag Steering Wheel Cover are 20% off! This colossal sale lasts all weekend long until 9/2/19! Hurry to get the best selection! Happy Labor Day!

Rebel Nation Team


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