If We Were Amazon

Confederate Rebel Flag

From braving crazy crowds at your favorite local store to wondering if the items you are buying online will make it to your mailbox before December 25. The holidays can bring frustrations as everyone frantically runs around trying to get last minute presents. Don’t tell anyone but I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet! EEK!!! So what we want to do is to try to ease the burden for you our customer.

Did you know that over the Christmas holiday Amazon sells about 900 products…get this….EVERY SECOND! We would love to put Rebel Flags in 900 homes every second. The world would be a better place that’s for sure! Everyday as a small business owner I dream of the day when Rebel Nation could be as huge as Amazon. If only we could have robots pull your orders, billion dollar warehouses and a workforce of tens of thousands. But we aren’t Amazon! Ohhh how life would be so much better but just like life we don’t always get what we want right? We may not have robots that pull your order or an army of employees to dispatch like The Avengers when we have a spike in orders. But I will tell what we do have. LOVE! We love sleepless nights, we love our kids wishing they could play Fortnite but instead they are sorting orders. We love all the hard work that it takes to put smiles on our customers faces from all across the world.

There’s no well paid suit wearing CEO’s here. Rebel Nation is a neighborhood business comprised of family. Even though 1,000+ orders go out every month we are still itty bitty when it comes to business. All of our employees can fit in one SUV. We know that during this time you’re probably wondering one question. “If I order; will my order reach my mailbox before Christmas?”

Our goal is to service everyone who comes to our website or an event we vendor. But during the last week of Christmas things get a little hectic.


1. If you are contemplating purchasing or have purchased and are wanting to know if your order will reach you before Christmas just contact us.

rebelnationok@gmail.com or call us at 918-505-5449

2. We can do rush shipments if items are in stock. Just contact us if you have a Christmas emergency. We will do everything we can to get your package to you.

3. Larger items take longer to get there! If you are purchasing a lot or purchasing heavy items like comforters and blankets please contact us. We will give you a estimated date to help you feel at ease. Just know these items aren’t typical two day shipments.

4. The post office says they will get everything to anyone if shipped by 12/20/18. We don’t like pushing the envelope like that. But we are making every attempt to make sure that all orders placed before 12/19/18 reach their destination before Christmas. But with that being said some packages purchased on 12/20/18 could possibly make it. Like we mentioned earlier JUST CALL US!

Thank you for reading this, thank you for being a potential customer and thank you for being a customer. Without all of you this wouldn’t be possible. From the whole Rebel Nation family I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!




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Where Did the Time Go? Holidays are Just Around the Corner!


Holiday Shipping Deadlines

The holidays are here! View the recommended order dates below:

Cutoff Dates for December 25

If you’re shipping holiday cards and gifts, for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or other holiday traditions, find the USPS® recommended domestic, international, and military deadlines in these tables.

2018 Holiday Shipping Dates for Contiguous U.S.

Recommended send-by dates for expected delivery before December 251

Domestic Mail Class/Product
Date (excluding Alaska & Hawaii)
USPS Retail Ground®
Dec. 14

2018 Holiday Shipping Dates for Alaska & Hawaii

Recommended send-by dates for expected delivery before December 25

Alaska and Hawaii
First-Class Mail® Service Dec. 20
Priority Mail® Service Dec. 20
Priority Mail Express® Service2 Dec. 22

1 Not a guarantee, unless otherwise noted. Dates are for estimated delivery before December 25. Actual delivery date may vary depending on origin, destination, Post Office acceptance date and time and other conditions, including customs delays. Some restrictions apply.
2 For Priority Mail Express shipments mailed December 22 through December 25, the money-back guarantee applies only if the shipment was not delivered or delivery was not attempted with 2 business days.

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